Date: 12/21/2013 at 20:31
From: Dysolis
To : Everyone
Subj: Gaudiguch

Dear Freedom council and patron

I wish you and your loved ones a joyous solstice on this special day and
many blessings to come. While I wrote a letter of apology that you have
hopefully received, it was unfortunately sorely lacking in detail, I put
much more time into this accounting of my grievous mistakes and desire
to begin anew with the glorious city of Gaudiguch.

In my old age I fear I have become oblivious, but I understand now the
true deplorability of my initial sins against this city that I love with
all of my being. I see now how my deplorable dereliction of duties as
minister of cultural affairs was inexcusable. I confess that it was a
time where I was especially preoccupied and also completely unaware of
what my duties actually were. I did not ask for assistance because I
incorrectly thought my colleagues and superiors loathed me and would see
such requests as opportunities for sabotage. I was a paranoid fool
jumping at shadows and before I knew it my time in leadership passed
without a single notable action. I completely neglected Gaudiguch and
did even worse later.

In a drunken stupor I impulsively attempted to bribe an honorable
citizen one night. I can barely even recall how such a warped idea
entered my head. I believed I would have been far more competent as
mayor than minister of cultural affairs, though that was not exactly a
high bar to surpass. Somehow this delusion persuaded me that this
betrayal of the citizen?s trust was justified - it was not and never is.
I see that now.

I finally learned from these mistakes that a position of leadership will
never be my destiny and I vow to never walk the path of politics again
unless called by the wise leaders of Gaudiguch. I am merely an impulsive
warrior of flame who wishes to be at peace with the magnificent city he
adores. I know there are many occasions where my temper has ill-served
the populace and that these sins may be justifiably considered
unforgivable. Nonetheless I do have the gall to request that impossible
forgiveness during this wondrous solstice where such miracles can
happen. Of course I will also perform whatever task or payment the wise
leaders of Gaudiguch deem appropriate beyond this apology.

Regardless of the outcome, I wish you nothing but happiness and
prosperity in the seasons to come and thank you for your valuable time
and consideration.

Dysolis Heatherwood

Penned by my hand on the 1st of Roarkian, in the year 371 CE.