The Teachers Gathering

Date: 11/8/2013 at 22:56
From: The Eternal Penitent Pectus n'Lochli, Devourer of Shards
To : Everyone
Subj: The Teachers Gathering

Greetings Basin,

I had planned out some large post full of details and catchy titbits,
hoping to use them to catch the eye and draw the spirit. I even went so
far as to cite the story of my first day in the basin to my scribe! But
I see no reason why I should not just state my point simply.

I have created a clan called The Teachers Gathering (CLANHELP TG). Its
use is rather obvious and simple..Teachers from all over the basin are
welcome, no matter what you are enemied to, who you hate or why, it
doesn't matter to nil to me. If you love to teach novices, then you are

My hope is to urge more teachers to return to the way we were taught
when I myself was a novice. We were taken aside by a guild member and
they taught us every single skill, every lesson we needed..And they
helped us test them. We were given personal experiences that lasted with
us for year and years! We gained friends and companions, and even ended
up helping each other. But then the collegiums came into being, and
since then it seems like we have gotten lazy. We have relied too heavily
on them, expected a novice to learn the basin by simply handing them a
scroll and looking away. Yes, there are still good teachers who do I
properly but they are far out-weighed by the bad.

None are barred! Feel free to request entrance.


Penned by my hand on the 22nd of Avechary, in the year 368 CE.