Date: 9/12/2013 at 14:12
From: Talan Ysav'rai, the Voice of Reason
To : Collector Kalas Nakarel, Passion of Taint
Subj: Indeed

Dear Sir,

The issues you raise are indeed important ones to our times, and I
commend your initiative as well as your expert use of easy to remember
acronyms. The latter is a dying art.

It is the subject of the arts that I will address first. Any man who
claims to be no more than a vagrant and yet tosses around words like
'epigrammatic' is in dire need of some theatre training. Hallifax hosts
many improvisation exercises, the likes of which could improve your
ability to craft a more compelling character. I invite you to attend,
and you may enjoy the experience of having an up-close view of the much
despised members of the so-called upper crust, to boot. It would
certainly be amusing to see the usual cast affronted with an honest to
goodness hobo. For me, at least.

While you are visiting, you may also enjoy a discourse on collectivism
and the subjects of wealth and ownership. I am surprised to hear your
point of view coming from the general direction of Magnagora, where the
personal accumulation of wealth and power have always been prized
attributes. WWFD?

I do agree that the basin's economy is under attack by predatory
extortionists with a tendency to buy up everything from kirigami to
credits and resell them at the highest price a desperate man is willing
to pay while calling it ?fair market value.? These people should be
shunned from all society and detained for use in scientific research, or
perhaps for simply interior decorating in the case of the devotees of

It is not only the poor, but the middle classes who suffer under these
vulturous ?merchants.? Indeed, what they are actually trading is the
sweat off the working men's backs and the aspirations of those striving
to better themselves.

I have been developing my own two-point plan to solve these societal

- Stop avaricious knaves' racketeering.
- Look inward when apathy stops egalitarianism.

In short, sir, I support your cause. I would be happy to donate the
funds to see TFIAPWHNBTDTPHAPR come to fruition, and look forward to
reading your charter.

Penned by my hand on the 6th of Roarkian, in the year 363 CE.