A new world order, financial suffering, change, or whatever

Date: 9/12/2013 at 9:42
From: Collector Kalas Nakarel, Passion of Taint
To : Everyone
Subj: A new world order, financial suffering, change, or whatever

As I remain lieing under this broken resemblance of a roof, I cannot
help but enviously feast my eyes upon the bony mutt which hungrily
devours a succulent piece of juicy rotten meat on the street. It is
raining, it is cold, it doesn?t really matter to an undead like me, yet
dramatics make people see. And I totally didn?t strive for that rhyme.

The truth is, we are living in a time of great, sad poverty. It?s great
alright, perhaps not that sad, because people really don?t give much of
a damn about it, but still great.

Yet what hurts me the most is not being poor by itself. I am an honest
man, making my money with honest killing of innocent creatures, still I
notice a glimpse of greed when I check the credit sale market prices.
Only a fool would believe that we have equal rights and equal chances to
do whatever we are capable of. I mean, let?s face it - the rich are
becoming a true menace to this society. They are squeezing our every
drop of sweat for their own repulsive need of indecency.

Ok. I may have crossed an imaginary line here, but, erm, I can?t really
blame the truly responsible, you know what I mean. So. Keep reading if
you made the mistake of starting already, and try to keep an
epigrammatic approach about it.

What can be done?!

I?ve worked (yeah, of course I did) on a package with solutions. In case
nobody?s been noticing, the ridicilous prices push people away and keep
novices out of the Basin. So, since authorities can?t really handle it,
I believe an united community can, by choosing (or crafting) a method
from the list below (or the vast places of imagination).

Did I mention the epigrammatic approach? It?s quite handy to keep that
one, really, since the situation is quite hopeless and nothing in the
world can be done about it.

1) The First Interbasinal Association Of People Who Have Nothing Better
To Do Than Protect Human And Pauper Rights (TFIAPWHNBTDTPHAPR, or
shortly ? ?these guys?).

It?s a clan, it?s awesome, it doesn?t exist yet, it possibly never will.
Representatives of each city and commune?s peerage with granted rights,
based on impossible mutual understanding, who control the market, enjoy
corruption, make themselves even richer in the process.

Only acceptable if I can gain something from it.

2) Nakunism

It?s new and it should be legal. Basically, a new economical system. We
take everything people have and share it with the others so that nothing
really changes but the owners. For good, if I am one of them.

It?s not quite developed yet, but I believe my original idea will cause
a revolution someday. Especially if we add a nice color to it.

3) A bunch of un-lawful goons

Since thievery is only legal on paper, using market tongue, I believe a
more honest method is in order. Nothing like the good old club in the
head, followed by sharing the loot with people who actually can?t afford
to breathe.

4) You can direct your thoughts to initiatives like ?Save the spawns of
the horde? or ?Kephera are awesome? (much money to steal from that one).
Feel free to share, feel free to indulge in dreams, and try to remain
optimistic that one day stock would be accessable to all of us.

Signed with a bitter, biting smile:
don?t be lazy to read the name above.

Penned by my hand on the 2nd of Roarkian, in the year 363 CE.