Date: 5/27/2013 at 2:04
From: Archmage Shaddus D'cente`, of the Crimson Earth
To : Revan n'Kylbar
Subj: Geomancy

Revan n'Kylbar, you are hereby ejected from the Geomancer's guild for
being considered an enemy to the city of Magnagora, which we are a part
of. Per Geomancer General Law, you are ordered to forget the skills
which have been gifted to you by the Earth. You are alloted a year in
which to find another guild, or it will be assumed that you choose to
keep your skills in violation of our laws, and will be considered an
enemy of the Geomancers, as well as the Earth.

To anyone else who reads this post; Revan n'Kylbar no longer represents
any thing or anyone in Magnagora. He is a pariah, an outcast of the
city, and any acts taken by him should reflect only upon him, and not
upon those who have thrown him out on his ear.

Archmage Shaddus

Penned by my hand on the 7th of Dioni, in the year 355 CE.