Essence Race

Date: 4/25/2013 at 5:22
From: Grizzly Munsia D'cente`, The Sharp Fanged
To : Mysrai, the Moth With Scarlet Wings
Subj: Essence Race

Dearest Mysrai and Her loyal following

Let me first say, I apologize for you having wasted the time to come up
with such an elaborate scheme to garner my personal attention to your
essence revenues. While two hundred million essence to me is not a
considerably large enough amount it is still considered costly. I price
it at ten million gold, which is generious at best and at a premium
cost. While one may be inclined to pay such an amount in gold to any
organization, I am not willing to 'race' with Your order so that I may
be unenemied. The charges for being enemied were listed to me as
'Opposing your city in an Astral Nodes Event' which, I grant you that
must be extremely serious to some of you. The other one was some idle
killing of members, which to be fair do I need to enemy most of your
Order to my Liege as well?

I mean no hostilities in my words mind you. There have only been four
Divine in the history of my life who have ever even come close to
recieving such an amount of essence from me in quick succession, and
each One has offered me something very valuable in return. The idea of
being unenemied is not exactly worth that amount, while I agree some in
Your Order might see it as a noble cause. I'd also like to note that
this amount is not worth only a thirty month TF, I'd settle for more
around two hundred if I were to consider such a ghastly race.

So in closing, if I have not made it apparent. I respectfully decline to
race with Your Order in any degree regarding becoming unenemied. I have
proven my prowess in the arts of gathering, fighting, and killing
throughout my life long enough that I do not need to prove anything
more. If an agreement on a solid number is ever put together I will
consider it entirely and perhaps begin working towards it, merely so
that in the years to come we may have a working relationship You and I.

Great things are being crafted, and within these creations comes the
unity of the entire Basin under one cultural ideal. Who shall
participate in the feat, and who shall be left to merely stare at the
dust we create? Keep this in mind and I hope that I am able to find a
reasonable ground with all the Divine of the Basin for my projects.

Munsia D'cente`
Maker of the Impossible

Penned by my hand on the 20th of Klangiary, in the year 352 CE.