An 'unprovoked' assault

Date: 4/20/2013 at 22:15
From: Ryanne Feyranti
To : Lady Kelly McCloud, Shakiniel's Charge
Subj: An 'unprovoked' assault

Lady Avatar,

I have been informed that you have declared me an enemy to your city and
Goddess for an 'unprovoked' assault. I am quite put off by this and
would like to clarify the circumstances of the assault.

I was on my way through the Blasted Lands when, quite suddenly, a
gravedigger pulled me into its lair. After regaining my senses from the
fall, I was surprised to find the gravedigger paid me no attention at
all despite having just pulled me into its pit. Instead, the creature's
attention was focused exclusively on your person. This led to me being
even more surprised.

I saw before me a Vernal Ascendant of Celest, the Champion of the
Paladin's guild and the Avatar of the Even Bladed who was so preoccupied
by matters beyond my perception that she did not even bother to defend
against or return the attacks of the gravedigger. Not that it was
necessary, of course, as the gravedigger rarely forced her to drink from
a healing elixir to begin with.

I admit, shamefully, that my first thought was to get away as fast as my
taint wyrm could carry me, for who am I to stand so much as a chance
against such a great warrior of Celest? However, this was followed by
another, quite troubling, thought: What is this warrior of Celest doing
here, so close to my home city? Why is she not even paying attention to
the attacks against her person? What is occupying her mind so?

I was quite electrified when I realized it could have but one reason:
this warrior of Celest was planning an attack upon my home city! There
could be no other reason for her to duck into the inhabited lair of a
gravedigger. She used it as a hiding spot to gaze upon the defences of
my home city quite while remaining undetected by anyone wandering the
Blasted Lands. Indeed, her mind was occupied so much by her task that
she did not even notice the wee attacks of the creature.

Immediately I realized that I could not tolerate this. Thus, my
retaliation was swift and her body swallowed in a chasm.

I hope this recount of the events leading up to the assault sheds some
light on what occurred, Lady Avatar. I would then like to close my
scribing with what I said at the very beginning: This assault was not in
the least 'unprovoked', quite the opposite in fact.

- Ryanne Feyranti

Penned by my hand on the 17th of Vestian, in the year 352 CE.