A celebratory lottery!

Date: 1/16/2013 at 15:07
From: Innkeeper Skye
To : Everyone
Subj: A celebratory lottery!

Hello, Basin!

It's been many years since I first set up shop at the Triple Junction
Inn, and it's been a great journey for me. I've enjoyed serving you all,
and have especially enjoyed getting to know many of you as you've passed
by. I'm pleased to announced that recently the Inn had its one hundredth
unique customer! In celebration of the event, the Inn will host a
lottery with several potential prizes. I had hoped to sell tickets
during the next half year or so, but matters of the soul will make that
impossible. However, in order to not delay the festivities too long,
there will be a miniature lottery to start, with the following prizes:

Five (5) winners: 10,000 gold
Three (3) winners: 5 credits
One (1) winner: 1 argleblaster
One (1) winner: 2 golden tonics

Tickets cost 2,000 gold, and are for sale at the Inn in the form of
stamped letters. Upon purchase, you will need to mail these
specially-marked letters to me via regular post, after having written
the following information upon them:

Triple Junction Inn
<your name>

It is absolutely essential that your name is on the ticket, or else you
will be unable to claim your prize.

For this smaller lottery, only a very limited number of tickets will be
sold. They will remain on sale until the drawing, which I will aim to
hold at the Inn on the turn of this Roarkian, 344 CE. Winners not
present will be notified, with information on how to collect their

To facilitate things, all normal shop operations have ceased (this
includes special discounts), and will remain so until the full lottery
has run. Of course, as always, the Inn itself will remain open to any
who want to sit and relax.

Good luck, and look forward to information about a larger, more proper
lottery in the coming years (with similar prizes in larger quantities)!


-Innkeeper Skye

Penned by my hand on the 9th of Shanthin, in the year 344 CE.