Glomdoring and Celest

Date: 1/9/2013 at 6:39
From: Ur'Trooper Morik Whitbaum
To : Enyalida Zayah
Subj: Glomdoring and Celest


It seems quite amusing to me to see those from Celest
attack those who I hear are their allies.

So does this mean any kind of alliance between Celest and
Glomdoring in the future will not occur? Or is this just
some chest beating and general complaining, instead of ..
I don't know, collectively taking threats seriously?

I'm glad to see that not much has changed from Celest since
I once awoke there. You may claim to be the source of light,
but it seems some over there are still blinded by their

I'll make sure to offer my help to Celest the next time
something threatens the whole basin, rather than just
some small, self-centred part of it. Lord knows it makes
more sense then what some of its citizens have been
posting here.

Yours truely,

Morik Whitbaum
First Champion of the Celestines

Penned by my hand on the 8th of Dioni, in the year 344 CE.