Date: 1/9/2013 at 2:12
From: Enyalida Zayah
To : Everyone
Subj: Glomdoring

Indeed, Glomdoring answers to none. Not to us, not to their allies, and
least of all to common sense, that which keeps children from touching
hot ovens after they are burnt. They follow only their own ramblings,
all else be damned - They will act as they will. Only the sad imagining
all things shadowed brings contentment, even if that daydream risks
their own destruction.

It does not surprise me that Glomdoring and their cohort would bring
back from its resting place the Wheel of the Goloths, only to discard it
when they realized its power and that of its master is diminished while
the Heart lies incomplete. I can only hope that the noble Cavaliers and
those who support their mission remain strong, I do not doubt that
Glomdoring will attempt to retrieve the portion of the Heart that lies
in their care, to return our shared foe to the height of his power, or
worse. Xaldrin has attacked the Cavaliers before, I wonder how long it
will take for him to convince his new friends to do so as well.

I am not surprised, because Glomdoring has a nasty habit of forgetting
who is an ally and who is an enemy when it suits them. After the
multiple grievous attacks made on Glomdoring by the Dames and their
Wheel, you would think that Glomdoring would be at the least tired of
their presence. They would probably rather discard their own family or
their closest friends to follow behind the latest display of grisly
violent force. Let that be a lesson to anyone who wishes to be friends
with a Glom.

Enyalida Zayah

Penned by my hand on the 3rd of Dioni, in the year 344 CE.