Words, Words Indeed

Date: 1/9/2013 at 1:42
From: Serenguard Rivius Tarsuhl
To : Spirit Warden Xenthos An'Ryshe, the Ebon Strategist
Subj: Words, Words Indeed

Congratulations, first off, for cleaning up the very thing you released
this very month whilst also having the luxury of it being under the
assumption that you are its allies. I'm sure you've convinced us all
that you are a hero of sorts. I still await a proper explanation for
your reasoning for releasing them. No offer of apology, no words
reassuring us of your sanity? Only constant repetition that you can
release and seal it however you please and that the Basin at large
should sit tight and put their trust in your hands?
Is this not what Xynthin did and that the Wheel itself gave us as a
prophecy? That he would come forth trying to appear as a hero, only to
be a bringer of destruction? Do you really think that after being called
out for it and tailing away to undo what you did, that everyone will
simply wave it away? What fools do you take us for? It's quite clear
that all is not right with you and that perhaps there is a good reason
why the Creatrix Herself still sees you unfit to bear the honour of
being called by an ascendant name!
And Celina, you think I am guided by fear? I am guided only by one thing
- My duty to those who I hold dear. I have plenty of faith in our
strength to thwart such a foe again, though what relevance does that
have in regards to Xenthos' actions? He has proved that he cares not for
the peril he places the Basin under and that the lives and safety of
those who trust him are things he is willing to gamble for....what? You
speak of Xynthin being misguided though always seeking what's best for
your wyrd until the bitter end. Is this what Xenthos was doing for you?
Do you expect me to believe that releasing an evil we thought best to
seal not even a month ago was for the good of the wyrd?
It becomes abundantly clear to anyone with open eyes how insidious the
wyrd really is. It is too sad that is only too few of us.

Ever watchful of you Xenthos,
Serenguard Rivius Tarsuhl

Penned by my hand on the 3rd of Dioni, in the year 344 CE.