Fear from the North

Date: 1/9/2013 at 1:36
From: Celina Nightshade, the Heartless
To : Everyone
Subj: Fear from the North


Quit your mewling, nothing is as stake. Glomdoring and faith in the Wyrd
guide Xenthos's hand, where fear guides yours. If the Goloths and the
time dames return, by Xenthos's doing or by yours, they will be defeated
should they stand in the way of the Glomdoring. The peoples of
Glomdoring harbor no fear of these Time Dames and Goloths, of Xynthin,
or of any that wish to undo the existant of our perfect home. Within the
kingdom of Mother Night, we do not fear the unknown.

If Xenthos is to answer for anything, he will answer to the Glomdoring,
and by Glomdoring's laws. We will hold him to no flimsy palace of
morality that you have built for you and yours. You know little of
Xynthin, and of why Xynthin existed. Even in the Wyrden Glory's infinite
foolishness, He acted not for Himself, but for the Wyrd He loved. What
Xynthin lacked was faith, that the Glomdoring did not require Him to
pave the path to Glomdoring's ascent. Indeed, our Xenthos still
possesses such faith. Perhaps the forest of the North remains shackled
so such antiquated ideals of personal avarice and power mongering. Those
that dwell beneath the Ravenwood understand such things to be fleeting,
that it is by the grace and wisdom of Mother Night, by the Glory of the
Glomdoring that we achieve our greatest ends.

Have faith, Rivius of the Serenguard, or falter. We of the Merciless
forest do not care to hear any more. We will act as we will, and you
will succumb to the shadows as those of your forest are prone to do. It
matters not, for Nothing Matters but Glomdoring.

Celina Nightshade
The Heartless

Penned by my hand on the 3rd of Dioni, in the year 344 CE.