Empty Words

Date: 1/8/2013 at 23:03
From: Severian n'Kylbar
To : Enyalida Zayah
Subj: Empty Words

The decision of when I've spoken too much will not be left to you. It is
of my own gold and will that I decide to speak, as I have done so now. I
rejoice in the fact that you dislike me. I think that simply by my
distaste for you, I have made many friends in the basin already.

I will openly admit that perhaps I was a bit quick to submit to the
Goloth - but when presented with the possibility of ultimate power, in a
form that limits the power I can attain at this time, wouldn't you go
for it? Or wouldn't you put on the mask to disguise your intentions, so
that you could get close to your enemy? I can tell that you're not a
very good tactician, in fact when you came to attempt to slay me (what
did you think that would accomplish? That it would silence me? Or were
you just going for the recognition that you had killed the Goloth
Submitter across the aether death sense that many tap into when they
awake?) you didn't consider what my intentions were. No. You acted
before you thought or asked. With the disguise of my submission I was
going to bring my mother's katana (as I have no weapon myself) to sink
into its breast. The proof you are no tactician is you didn't consider
the oft held strategy to keep your friends close, and your enemies

And would you please take more time to consider your posts before you
spout them out? You are yet again incorrect in your wording. I did not
flee Gaudiguch AFTER I claimed I would submit. I saved them the trouble
of dealing with expunging me or bickering with me over the aethers and
left well before I made the shout that I did. Am I a disappoint to them
and to my Lady Kalikai? Definitely. Does that affect me, really? Nope!

And why should I not feel attacked or denigrated? You can't disclaim the
shit you're saying with that. Either don't talk, or don't be apologetic
about it. It shows the weakness that is evident within your heart.

Severian n'Kylbar

Penned by my hand on the 25th of Kiani, in the year 344 CE.