Date: 1/8/2013 at 22:36
From: Enyalida Zayah
To : Severian n'Kylbar
Subj: Goloths

My apologies to the basin for intimating that Gaudiguch removed you from
their citizenship, when in fact you fled before they could punish you
properly. That Gaudiguch enemied you evidences the point being made
rather well. In fact it probably does so better! Gaudiguch made clear
that allegiance to the Goloth was unacceptable and that doing so made
you an enemy to their nation, as it made you an enemy to all the Basin.

If you were so amused by the invasion of the Basin by hostile forces and
the repeated slaying of your erstwhile allies that you decided to
profess alleigance to the invading force, and later refer to the event
as 'droll' is more sad than the event itself. That this came right as
things were looking most bleak colors the act with the pallid tint of
fear and cowardice, as does your soon-after flight from Gaudiguch.

Honestly, the thought that the act of denouncing those who few (yourself
and Xaldrin) who profess allegiance to soulless gods, or that sealing
the Wheel and the Goloth himself will destroy the basin is absolutely
preposterous. Neither idea, however, is as preposterous as the notion
that a being as manifestly powerful in his full stride as Goloth
Maxyenka would care a single whit about the doings or sayings of one
Severian n'Kylbar, the unwanted rogue.

With my post, I didn't intend in any way to denounce, denigrate, defame,
or attack you in any way, Severian. I simply didn't feel the need to,
your actions on that dark day speak more concisely and clearly. What was
that you shouted there eventually, something about "What use are you if
you won't give me instant power, I'm done with you!" or something
similar?Really, I do think you've spoken enough.

Enyalida Zayah

Penned by my hand on the 25th of Kiani, in the year 344 CE.