Rampant Errors

Date: 1/8/2013 at 22:25
From: Severian n'Kylbar
To : Enyalida Zayah
Subj: Rampant Errors

I am disgusted, as I ever have been, with the words you spew carelessly,
Enyalida. You mistake what actually happened, your thoughts shrouded by
your helplessness and anger regarding the Goloths. To begin with, I left
all of my affiliated organizations before I proclaimed that I would
submit to the Goloth, and was promptly enemied to most of them, as I
expected. You make a fool out of yourself by exaggerating my
"backpedaling". The terms of the Goloth were more than I could supply,
and so I stopped trying.

My reasonings behind submitting? I thought the whole affair was quite
drole and could use a little shaking up. I am quite amused by the
reaction it caused, and will happily stand by and watch as everyone else
bickers about whether to keep the Goloth down or not. It's clear that he
is no longer a threat unless someone like you heads back in and gives
him the heart which we took from him. Something I expect your twisted
mind will eventually do. Keep in mind that no harm came from my
proposition. If anything I distracted him, giving everyone more of a
chance to drive their blades and spells at him. But alas I fear I will
not be appreciated for the bait I dropped and instead it will be said
that I am once again backpedaling. Keep battering that dead wakabi as a
wistful fantasy. Hopefully it will keep you from doing something that
would actually destroy the whole basin.

Severian n'Kylbar

Penned by my hand on the 24th of Kiani, in the year 344 CE.