You Scandalous Villain

Date: 1/8/2013 at 22:25
From: Serenguard Rivius Tarsuhl
To : Spirit Warden Xenthos An'Ryshe, the Ebon Strategist
Subj: You Scandalous Villain

I must firstly say, Xenthos, that Enyalida nor I are ashamed of dying in
battle for we engaged you in the noble purpose of ending your scheme to
resurrect the Goloth. Not only that, despite your derisive tone, we
perished only when you cried for the help of your allies after the
better part of a day running in cowering fear from my blades. It is only
typical that you would try to fake your innocence, and poorly so, when
shortly after the fight, the Basin was once again mentally bombarded by
cackling laughter from the threat we had worked so hard to vanquish the
month before.
We were all present shortly after destroying the Goloth. We all heard
the cries from the room of whispers, pleading and offering riches beyond
our wildest dreams. I can only imagine from your actions that you caved
into these temptations in your thirst for power! It is not unknown to us
for only some years before, we had seen a form of you from an
alternative timeline who also in his avarice used means that threatened
the very fabrics of creation! It was only a matter of time before we
would see such things manifest in you too, I knew.
The Goloths have not been up a month and you offer that you've stopped
slaying the innocents for the time being? I laugh, Xenthos. When did you
stop? After the Goloth was raised and you were handsomely paid? To make
matters worse, when you were caught, we also met a clearly demented
Magnagoran who was also slaying the poor innocents and claiming proudly
and loudly that he is of the soulless! Is this also one of the corrupted
fools you call an ally? I once thought better of you.
Of course, being caught in the act, you quickly offer the response that
Goloth cannot be fully revived without the second half of the
Heartstone. You snidely tell us that the only way it could retrieve it
is if we were foolish enough to bring it. We were not the ones who
raised him, Xenthos. We know not what your plans and motivations are but
you're right about one thing: that Heartstone shall not leave the
Cavalier's base so long as we are alive to stop it.
As for claiming a particular honour, I say that past good deeds do not
preclude you from being suspected of current misdeeds. While it is
obvious that Shuyin, your accomplice, is the man who resurrected the
last Goloth, we know you to be involved and perhaps even be the
mastermind behind it.
What saddens me most is that none but ourselves rose to oppose you. Not
one month has passed since the Goloth had threatened our lives, and
while your very allies were informed of this, they stood watching idly
by. They claim that they do not support you and that it is against what
they stand for, yet where was that shown? Their inaction was every bit
of an assistance to you as any action you could have provided and I now
hold them too as morally questionable at best!
If Serenwilde has to be the only opposition that such corruption will
face, then so be it. We won't back down so easily. Not with so much at

Penned by my hand on the 24th of Kiani, in the year 344 CE.