Soulless Xaldrin?

Date: 1/8/2013 at 18:39
From: Enyalida Zayah
To : Everyone
Subj: Soulless Xaldrin?

Even knowing the depths of idiocy of certain people and the groups to
which they subscribe, it shocks me to discover that Xaldrin Somnius
professes both to be a vassal of and to support the release of the
Soulless gods Zenos, Crazen, and Kethuru!

That is correct, he told me in conversation, and I quote: "I am of
Zenos, thank you very much." going on to say "And Kethuru". All this
whilst supporting the continued release of the Wheel of the Goloths
-which has been released again by Xenthos -, tool of the Time Dames that
have wrecked havoc on the basin for many years, vassals of Crazen - the
soulless god.

In case you, reader of the news, are young and haven't gotten to the
'general history' portion of your schooling, allow me to remind you what
the Soulless are. They are entities of absolutely cosmic power who were
driven so mad by the bitter cosmic principle of destruction herself that
the only thing they truly desire is to subvert and indeed devour all of
creation. The coming of Kethuru wouldn't mean a new regime of existence
or a change in rulership, it would mean the end. Forever. They are so
great and terrible that the creatrix herself, Estarra is totally
incapable of removing them without at the same time erasing all of
creation as well!

Only the massed power of the tiny bits of many destroyed gods and the
combined effort of COUNTLESS lives poured into deifying some of those
shards beat them off, and even then the only way we were ultimately
saved was the sacrifice of 9 of the greatest and most powerful mortals
to ever live, and through the continuing efforts and sacrifice of the
entire basin and the periodic rebirth of OUR most powerful mortals.

To support the soulless isn't an addled condition brought on by exposure
to the Taint, it is maddness, utter maddness. The soulless do not aide
the progress of any nation, except to further their plans to devour
creation. The soulless do not include mortals in places of power, except
to further their plans to devour creation. The soulless only have one
desire: devour creation. All other plans and gambits eventually boil
down to that one point. If you support the Soulless, you ultimately are
supporting their release and the destruction of EVERYTHING.

When Severian piped up to support the Goloth as he massacred all in the
basin, besides Magnagora who was too busy engaging in childish - and
failed - domoth claiming, he was nearly ostracized from his nation,
proof that Gaudiguch did not support his words or actions, though he
tried to backpedal and recant. So comes the question:

Does Magnagora support Xaldrin in this? In supporting the Time Dames,
and their tool the Wheel of the Goloths, which is now known to be the
prime weapon of the soulless Crazen? Does Magnagora support Xaldrin in
his allegiance to the Soulless Kethuru?

If they do, I imagine that none of them will be willing, upon pain of
national censure, to participate in the strengthening of the Seals to
keep him away.

If do not support him, I think evidence to that end is required.

Enyalida Zayah

Penned by my hand on the 21st of Kiani, in the year 344 CE.