Lord Sohei Kaikazu's post.

Date: 12/9/2012 at 20:19
From: Listener in the Dark, Brother Cipher n'Kylbar, Caretaker of the Blood
To : Everyone
Subj: Lord Sohei Kaikazu's post.

Greetings Brethren, and Blessings of the Chain!
This will be a short post. I appoligize for the delayed response.
Recently I have been taking on alot of different responsibilities, and
as a result I have been having trouble finding time to respond to this
post. I had originally intended to respond a bit more extensively, but
to to the time I have, I will keep it quite short.
First, to Lord Sohei Kaikazu, I fear you may have misunderstood some of
what I said in my previous post. I did not infact mean to tell our
Brethren that they should lend me their trust and support. What I had
meant by that statement, was but a request. I am humbly asking the
Brotherhood to put their trust and support in me. I do not claim to
already know what is best for everyone. I believ we must all choose for
ourselves who we wish to lead us next.
As for earning the trust and support of the Brotherhood, I would be
happy to try. Lord Sohei Kaikazu asked me in his post, what doctrines I
find in need of updating. I answer with a single word: Many. I believe
too many to list in detail. But to name a few, GHELP RESPECT, GHELP
MENTORS, GHELP DECREES, GHELP TITLES, and therse are many more, things
to be done. Some ne Ed d updates, others need to be completely reviewed,
others may even need to be replaced,. but that is somethinv that ould
need more discussion.
election 84840
I believe we need to become more involved as a brotherhood, with the
city, and the other guilds. I have already spoken to my brother Delphas
n'Kylbar, the Mystagogue of the Church of the Nihilists and myson
Ghaliith n'Kylbar, the Maker of Mountains in the geomancers, and both
have agreed to help find more joint activities for our respective guilds
to cooperate within the city. Sermons, Rituals, and other city events as
well as combat events are great ways for us to expand our influence
within the Engine of Transformation as well as the Basin of Life. I
don't claim that I will be the Greatest Sohei to ever serve our
Brotherhood. But I do promise I will try. I will serve the Brotherhood
the best that I can. I will teach our young, and I will work with our
elders to grow the brotherhood in as many ways as we can.
If anyone has any questions, or requires further reason to suppot or
trust me, I strongly encourage you to contact me. I will do my best to
respond in a timely manner. Either message, letter, or news post.

Forever in service,
Listener in the Dark, Brother Cipher n'Kylbar, Caretaker of the Blood

Penned by my hand on the 3rd of Shanthin, in the year 341 CE.