My response.

Date: 11/25/2012 at 4:58
From: Lord Draylor La'Saet
To : Ur'Lord Thoros Feyranti, the Scythe of The Mask
Subj: My response.

Dearest brother,

I believe you are both deluded and psychotic.

To begin with, your claims are both flawed and wholly fabricated.
Please allow me to divulge actual facts for a moment.

You took it upon yourself to slay the merian I am sworn to
protect. This, I duly did. A fight ensued whereupon we engaged
in hostilities for a length of time. It quickly became apparent
that you were becoming overwhelmed and thus requested of your
ally, Silvanus to assist you in slaying me.

That was that. I will state here the very same as I told you:
Your history and actions precede you. You disloyalty and
dishonour is plainfully clear and thus the Avenger protection
afforded to me because of your cowardice will remain.

Now onto this... conversation you claim happened. Whilst we did
converse in great length, most of what you claim I said is either
massively flawed or simple and downright false statement of fact.
Numerous times it was suggested to you by my daughter that we
fight in the arena. I not once heard you suggest such.

Your overactive imagination and egotism speaks for itself.

As such, I claim you as above, deluded and psychotic.

Finally, might I respectfully ask that in future you provide
true facts rather than downright lies. I will fight you, sure.
What I will not do is fight on the Prime Material plane. I will
also not respond to your scrying of me no less than thirty four
times as I spend time in my manse, in contemplation, nor will I
respond to your voice in my head saying the same sentence
repeatedly dozens of times. Both acts are extremely immature in
nature, and not means of contact to which I am prepared to
respond to.

When I feel the need to purge your sorry, misguided soul, I will
do so.

As you claim, as will I...

I'll be watching you, Thoros Feyranti.

Penned by my hand on the 2nd of Klangiary, in the year 340 CE.