Date: 11/25/2012 at 4:09
From: Ur'Lord Thoros Feyranti, the Scythe of The Mask
To : Everyone
Subj: Draylor

My brother,

Your false accusations greatly offend my glory and honour within the
field of combat. You say I am cowardly, and that I cannot fight you
alone, yet here you are, refusing my request to a duel. I have even went
low as to beg for a duel against you and another, against only me, in
the attempt to further show you my power.

As your childish acts of conduct greatly offend the mature audience and
population of the Basin, I must show the world your true character. I
will taunt you from here on now and forever, until one of us become dust
again from whence we came - at least, until I receive the duel I
deserve. There are none who can call me a coward and then refuse to
fight me one on one, even two on one. Such an act is unacceptable to
those who respect the art of combat.


The Stairs of the Last Nine. (road).Shafts of blue light form
crisscrossing patterns here. The corrosiveness of the taint sickens the
land. It is warm and quite pleasant. Standing as still as death, the Nil
Grim Horror's very presence here fills the room with despair. A huge
archdemon looms here, surrounded by black mist. Smoke curling from her
nostrils, a dark grey nightmare paws impatiently at the grey clouds
roiling beneath her hooves. Lord Draylor La'Saet stands nearby,
surrounded by a red-flecked aura of barely-suppressed violence. He
wields Graeira, mandolin of Celestial Light in his left hand and a
glowing powerstone in his right. You see exits leading up, down, and in.

I said, "Duel me."

Draylor La'Saet says, "Do you not understand what no means? Are you
really that dumb?"

I said, "I want to fight you alone."

I said, "You speak false words."

I said, "I can fight you alone. I fought you and Bryna alone."

Draylor La'Saet says, "Actually, scrub that, you have already proved how
much of a moron you are."

I said, "I will fight you and Bryna again if you are scared."

I said, "I will declare Bryna and you can defend her. Deal?"

I said, "Two vrs one."

I said, "Seems like an even challenge."

I said, "You and Bryna versus me."

I said, "I will kill her, then you."

I said, "Deal?"

<At this point, he had laughed far too many times for me to be able to
place within.>

I said, "Find a second parnter."

I said, "And I'll duel two on one."

Draylor La'Saet says, "Grow up."

I said, "Why must I grow up? You are telling me I cannot fight alone and
here I am, begging you to prove that I am wrong."

Draylor La'Saet says, "You suck. Get over it. You needed two to kill me
as it was."

I said, "I am even asking to fight two of you at one time."

Draylor La'Saet says, "I am done with you. Get a life."


I'll be watching you, Draylor. I want my duel.

The Fist of Luciphage,

The Scythe of the Masque,

Thoros Feyranti

Penned by my hand on the 1st of Klangiary, in the year 340 CE.