Thanks for coming to the feasts!

Date: 11/19/2012 at 1:39
From: Tully, Janitor of the Basin
To : Everyone
Subj: Thanks for coming to the feasts!

Hi all,

I want to thank all of ye for showing up. We had a lot of fun. Skye's
Inn hosted its first big gathering, Miska's forums wasn't empty for a
few days, and the World Stage got to host a set of games. And yay, Max
Coldsteel didn't show up this time!

I need to thank Donato, Phoebus, and Orabel for being great chefs. And
of course Skye for his generous use of the Inn. Too bad that first
gathering was cut short by political upheavals in the villages. And I
apologizing for being a bad host in the third month, but I wanted to
help Lars get his sheep farm ready. Watch out for Rocs!

And my apologies to New Celest and the Aquamancers for teleporting
without looking into the Aquamancer guildhall. I thought I saw a
Hallifaxian in that location (Eritheyl's been Hallifaxian for ages).
I've done that a couple of times, I'm gonna get a reputation if I'm not
careful. I left as quick as I could.

Also apologies for confusing Ilirth with Imprieri--dunno HOW I did that.

I'm gonna be scarse for about a year--I got some mission I need to
accompony a few miners from the Dwarven Kingdoms from--something about a
killer philosophy influencing an insurrection, and some opera singer
goin' to a runed fortess, some zombies kidnapping kids, and a bunch of
birds bugging my friends relations. I should be back after I take care
of that business.

Wonder what the next few years will bring!

Penned by my hand on the 5th of Kiani, in the year 340 CE.