Times for the Festive Gatherings

Date: 11/14/2012 at 1:31
From: Tully, Janitor of the Basin
To : Everyone
Subj: Times for the Festive Gatherings

Hello again to all of ye,

I've got the times for the feasts I'll be having for ye. Note that these
times are when I will be around and active, but with all this food, some
of ye should feel free to stay a few more days if I can't be there

5 Estar 340 - 7 Estar 340 [1] -- This will be held at the Triple
Junction Inn! Just watch carefully for zombies if they are on the road.

4 Urlachmar 340 - 7 Urlachmar 340 [2] -- This one will be help at
Miska's Forum in the World Library. The benefit of this gathering is
that the forum is under a peaced protection spell, so if ye are afraid
of some mercenary or assassin coming, ye are safe. I figure this would
be the best time to have some discussions of the time ahead. Maybe even
a debate or a lecture if enough of ye are around.

2 Kiani 340 - 4 Kiani 340 [3] -- This one will be held at the World
Stage. I figure we could either watch a show or play some rounds of

Looking forward to seeing ye.


OOC Footnotes--forgive the OOC, time is very confusing for some.

[1] 11/17/2012 12AM - 2AM GMT, 11/16/2012 7PM-9PM EST, 4PM-6PM PST
[2] 11/18/2012 1AM - 3AM GMT, 11/17/2012 7PM-10PM EST, 4PM-7PM PST
[3] 11/18/2012 11PM - 11/19/2012 1AM, 11/18/2012 6PM-8PM EST, 3PM-5PM

Penned by my hand on the 10th of Juliary, in the year 339 CE.