Date: 11/13/2012 at 23:07
From: Grand Master Aliod Feyranti, Scarlet Grail of Void-wine
To : Everyone
Subj: Delusions

Greetings former Delusions of the Basin,

For those of you who were once branded Delusions, your die has been cast
back into the lot, you will not be hunted, you will not be killed.

You are as you have been in the past . Do not think this is out of fear,
this is out of the goodwill of the Lord and Lady, and my own spilt
blood, washing your misdeeds from the Black Book.

What you do now is up to your own ideals and thoughts, you have been
given your second chance, do not waste it.

You have all sinned. But let your fate be your own now, for They have no
part of it.

The Ebon Priest of the Grail Filled With Aspects, Aliod Feyranti.

Penned by my hand on the 7th of Juliary, in the year 339 CE.