Prophesy and Reminder

Date: 10/22/2012 at 12:18
From: Initiate Hiriako Myeras, Hart's Praise
To : Everyone
Subj: Prophesy and Reminder

I come to the Basin before all this day, in hope that I might remind all
of a message sent some years past. We have all heard words of prophesy
in these past few months, with warnings of anomaly, with threats of
fire, and I would venture ruin promised to befall the cities. Once I
heard the prophesy beset upon the Serenwilde I recalled the Wheel of the
Goloths, and the message which it delivered some years ago. I have
posted the message beneath, if any should need reminder. Let us, as
members of this world, be prepared to defend it from threats.

-Hiriako Myeras
Marshall of the Serenwilde

... We are sending this message to the past from your future (in the)
hope what has befallen (us can be) avoided. In your (past) the Wheel of
Goloths appeared (and) created many disturbances (in the) temporal time
stream ...

... The (Wheel of) Goloths is an artifact (from the) Vernal (Wars)
controlled (by a) Soulless God through his servants the Dominators. The
Goloths are the leaders (and) supreme generals of the Dominators, and
one ... is responsible (for) ...

... When ... was imprisoned the Dominators should all have died as well,
but (they used) the Wheel to hide outside of time itself. But the Goloth
in charge ... before the moment of death. The Dominators are trying to
(find) a cure so he can be freed from the trap of time to rule the Basin
of Life ...

... wielding a portion of power that he inherited from ... They have
succeeded (in) the creation of (this cure) with the help of his
lieutenants known as the Time Dames in our time (and the Undying One)
now has (enslaved) us. The City of Celest (was) the first to fall (with
the) destruction of the Pool (of) Stars. The Undying has (enslaved) the
Demon Lords of Nil (and) Magnagora now lies in ruins. The Forests of
Serenwilde and Glomdoring burned and the Great Spirits (of) Nature

... Before the death of the scientists of Hallifax, they were able to
research the quantum mechanics behind the Wheel of Goloths. (We now)
believe that our time is one of a myriad (of) possibilities. Thus, we
hope (this) message from the past can (help you) avert the (fate)
befallen us. Using the chronomantic cubes left by the Hallifax
scientists, the mystics of Gaudiguch (were) able to (use) their mastery
of paradox to harness the energies of (the) Wheel of Goloths to send
this message ...

... You must not let the Dominators find the cure that has healed the
Undying One. If this happens, your future (will be) ours, enslaved and
dying. There is no hope for us. Also, beware the Unstable God who has
come from yet another alternate reality. The Unstable God may seem to be
savior (but his) motives (are) his own. Do not (trust) him and do not
allow him to destroy Xenthos for (his crimes) or he will be lost (to)
madness and despair. We (hope) this message reaches you. (We) hope you
will listen. All must work together to stop the Dominators finding the
cure. That is all that matters. ...

Penned by my hand on the 19th of Roarkian, in the year 337 CE.