Winnae is not your father.

Date: 7/30/2012 at 6:29
From: Grunt Winnae D'cente` Survival Trainee
To : Everyone
Subj: Winnae is not your father.

Hello, Basin. Winnae is back and he wants you to know that he is not
your daddy.

For many years Winnae was one of the only tae'dae in the basin. Even
though he is 1/8th bear furrikin Winnae was still a puissant tae'dae.
Many ladies saw this and loved Winnae the Puissant very much. Winnae
swung his sword and drank his beer and lived well thanks to his trust
fund. He kidnapped bird men and made them write good posts for him and
even got himself elected to leadership position. Winnae lived in big
manse with pretty faeling in bird cage and had a rack with many swords
on it.

But today Winnae is a poor old bear of a man. This is because Winnae was
faced with, for the first time, mighty opponent he could not beat with
his strong sword. This opponent's name was alimony.

Winnae is glad that there are now more tae'dae in the basin but he wants
all of you to know that he is not your daddy, no matter what anyone
says, and also that his trust fund is out of gold. Winnae has sold
everything in his manse, it is now empty. Winnae has to tailor his own
clothes and has been sober for over a year because he cannot afford any
beer. Faeling was let out of cage after promising to come back but
Winnae has not seen her in years. Please do not ask Winnae for any gold
because he has none left.

Winnae is trying to make back his fortune and regain his skills for war
but until that happens he is not ur'Winnae the Puissant any longer, he
is just Winnae the Poor.

Winnae is too proud to accept any donations so do not ask thank you.
However Winnae would accept being sent back in time so that he can stop
himself from having sex.


Penned by my hand on the 25th of Kiani, in the year 331 CE.