Statement in regards to Alliance and Peace

Date: 4/19/2012 at 5:58
From: Seneschal Hiriako Myeras
To : Everyone
Subj: Statement in regards to Alliance and Peace


I wish to inform all that the Ironhart alliance between Magnagora and
Serenwilde has been dissolved. We extend an offer of peace to the
entirety of the Basin at this time, such that we may continue to heal
the land and preserve history.

Resolution of enemy statuses will be handled on a case by case basis at
this time, though should you be a member of an organization willing to
announce peaceful relations with the Serenwilde, they may be expedited
by contacting the Ambassador. Please be aware that all other relevent
enemy statuses must be resolved prior to the Serenwilde enemy status.

-Hiriako Myeras

Penned by my hand on the 7th of Urlachmar, in the year 323 CE.