Hallifax Antagonism Resolution Measures (HARM)

Date: 4/5/2012 at 1:02
From: Justicar Morbo Gordian
To : Everyone
Subj: Hallifax Antagonism Resolution Measures (HARM)

Greetings, Citizens of the Basin

There have been many request for removal of enemy status from Hallifax.
I'd like to first clarify that citizens of every nation are available to
be unenemied. The process begins by sending a message to me that you
wish to be unenemied. I will briefly interview you and a fine will be
set. You do not need to remove your enemy status of the Air Lords, the
Continuum or any of our guilds. However, It is strongly advised that you
do as presence upon those planes or actions against those in those
guilds will result in your enemy status being reinstated.

Below is a short list of to whom you may request fines
Hallifax: Any Board of Directors members, if I'm around though I'm
handling the majority of requests
Continuum: Castellan Lawliet Letara
Airlords: Force Commander Shedrin Shevat
Symphonium: Lord Potentate Daedalion Koicei, Sublime Opus Morshoth
Sentinels: Commissar Adracunin Br'atm, Temporal Peacekeeper, Ushaara,
Minister of Peacekeeper
Zvoltz: Keeper Ushaara, High Exemplar Morbo

In regards to our open border policy, any person that is not enemied to
Hallifax may freely enter any of our territories however will be
expected to follow our laws in doing so. Most notably our restrictions
in influencing denizens of our owned villages, and using any uniquely
Gaudiguchian skill within our borders. Also note that currently there is
not any restriction against Gaudiguch citizens entering our borders as
long as they are peaceful and respectful. This is subject to change,
however, if a change is made you will be given a chance to leave the
city peacefully with no repercussions.

-Dr. Morbo Gordian, B.TS, M.TS, F.TS, PHD.TS, PHD.MS

Penned by my hand on the 17th of Roarkian, in the year 321 CE.