A Declaration from the Board of Directors of Hallifax

Date: 4/3/2012 at 4:51
From: Justicar Morbo Gordian
To : Everyone
Subj: A Declaration from the Board of Directors of Hallifax

Greetings, Citizens of the Basin.

Today I bring to you news from the Beacon of Harmony, the Collective of
Hallifax. By supermajority decision, Hallifax has decided to become
independent. This means that we will be casting off all current
allegiances and hostilities. For the time being Hallifax has declared a
ceasefire regarding all current hostilities between our citizens and any
other nation with the exception of coordinated combat events such as
revolts, flares, wildnodes in which Hallifax will only be supporting

Our purpose in this is to remove ourselves from the rather disharmonious
conflicts plaguing the Basin at present. We will consider non-aggression
pacts with various cities but we will not at this time be willing to
consider formal alliances of mutual support.

Some of you may wonder what this means for you? For one, If you are a
member of a previously enemied city you will be able to properly apply
independently to become unenemied to Hallifax. Our fines are considered
very low compared to other nations. If you are not enemied, then you are
welcome to come to Hallifax and enjoy what we have to offer as long as
you respect our laws.

I would encourage all in the Basin to reconsider their current
allegiances and hostilities in favor of a more harmonious future.

-Magistrate Morbo Gordian

Penned by my hand on the 23rd of Juliary, in the year 321 CE.