Bawdy Limerick Contest!

Date: 1/16/2012 at 6:23
From: Orgiastic Reveler Sedah, For Whom Liquor is Quicker
To : Everyone
Subj: Bawdy Limerick Contest!

With the opening of the Minstrels Guild, Lord-and-Lady Mysrai has
declared the Feast of the Thousand Names of Burning Whiskeys Amidst
Revelling Harlots begin within the city of Gaudiguch! In celebration of
this festival, we're offering ten thousand gold sovereigns to the person
who can write the best and bawdiest of limericks!

Mail or message your submissions to me over the course of the next seven
days or months, whichever is longer, and the Minstrels guild will judge
them. The best of them all will recieve the prize, and some of the
funniest and bawdiest will be included in the next issue of the
Gaudiguch Gossip. So break out your ink and paper, roll your mind
through the mud, and let's hear your limericks!

Negotiably Yours,
Minstrel Mistress Handler

Penned by my hand on the 5th of Tzarin, in the year 315 CE.