In response to Pesukaru Lunarose, and a small note for everybody else as well

Date: 12/29/2011 at 20:19
From: Archmage Phoebus Skyplume, Tamer of the Winds
To : Pesukaru Lunarose
Subj: In response to Pesukaru Lunarose, and a small note for everybody else as well

Well, I am certainly no stranger to being enemied to things for odd
reasons, that's for sure-- though it's nice to not have such a profane
status in my records now. So thank you for that, and I appreciate that
you took the time to correct your misstep, rather than pretend that
there was no error (as regrettably so often happens.)

But just to clarify, in case there is any remaining confusion: I had
nothing to do with people going into the Illuminati guild hall! They
were already present within the hall when I decided to capitalize upon
the opportunity, as it were. Despite my
somewhat-humourous-though-legitimately-hopeful advertisement, I have
never actually paid anyone to go anywhere. Nor has anyone actually
responded to it. Woe. No, this event was simply a bit of unexpected
fortune for me.

Hm hm. Well, while we are on the topic of exploration, and I am writing
a public post anyway...

I do tend to surround myself with an attitude of silliness about the
matter (an unavoidable part of my nature!), but truthfully, seeing all
that I possibly can is a lifelong goal that is sincerely important to
me. Exploration of new places is something that I encourage in all
members of the Basin, political allies of mine or not. It is essential
to know what is out there, and what this world has to offer you. And to
know what is still missing, so you can dream of what might one day be
found. Never stop thinking, never stop imagining, and do not allow
yourself to live your entire life ignorant of the world around you!

With Sincerity,
Archmage Phoebus Skyplume

Penned by my hand on the 13th of Kiani, in the year 314 CE.