Trialante and the Woodbine Lyceum

Date: 9/20/2017 at 18:46
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Trialante and the Woodbine Lyceum

The sound of sparrows graced the Serenwilde forest in the month of
Kiani, 484 years after the Coming of Estarra. The brown and silver birds
flew in flocks across the forest skies and attracted the attention of a
number of Serens. Curious about the unusual visitation, Serens fanned
out to try to find the birds. Before long, Vates Arboreal Anita
discovered a method to coax the birds to trust her, and with the help of
Elissata, Minkahmet, Orimi, Bandeon, Aknarin and Ejderha, she was able
to attract a flock of the melodic sparrows.

And yet, Serens were not sure what to do next with these unusual birds.
After several false leads, the will-o-wisp Little Lleucu, formerly of
the Spiritsingers, was attracted by the crowd and appeared before them,
commenting that the sparrows reminded her of the embodiment of the Voice
of Trialante some years ago. It was then that Hearkener Elissata
Silvermoon remembered that the sparrows did indeed nest and call to the
Voice of Trialante with their song, years past.

As Serens begin puzzling over where to bring the birds to call the
embodied Voice, Little Lleucu cried out in alarm! She knew the perfect
place - Trialante's sundial of memories - and yet... At this, Little
Lleucu bobbed away in her usual flighty fashion.

About half a day later, Serens heard the voice of the igasho Cataka
Hurosh carrying across the forest, having a discussion with the little
will-o-wisp about a certain 'unveiling'. After a brief back and forth,
Serens were called by Cataka to come to the location of their old
Library. Risen from the ruins before them was now a grand structure
fashioned of oak and moonhart: The Woodbine Lyceum, a centre of culture
and learning for the Serenwilde, of which Cataka will be Curator. The
forest's fae architect, who had been working on the project, granted the
Serens access to the Lyceum with great pomp and circumstance.

As Serens gazed in awe at the Woodbine Lyceum, Little Lleucu zipped
inside, heading for the sundial of Trialante. It was there that she
instructed the unusual sparrows be taken. Again, Anita took to the task,
searching with great fervor for more of the brown and silver sparrows.
When they were all collected at last at the sundial, the birds flew up
and began to sing. Time appeared to move backwards in that quiet glade,
as night turned to day and then night, faster and faster and faster.
Slowly, amid a ring of ghostly, dancing sileni, Anita and Elissata saw
the arrival of Trialante, the Untamed Muse, who is the Voice of
Trialante dwelling in the body of an ancient sileni songstress. The
Voice has returned again out of time.

Anita, Elissata, and Aimoku were the first to receive the blessing of
the embodied Voice of the Goddess. Her song, redolent with the echoes of
Creation, rose above the trees in golden melodies, causing leaves to
unfurl and even the wind to pause to listen.

In great amazement and respect, various Serens visited the Woodbine
Lyceum over the course of the following days. Within the new structure
risen from the ashes of destruction, they found tributes to the forest's
past, present, and future. And as for the Voice of Trialante... Her song
and presence faded with time as She returned to the past. And yet,
perhaps, She may come again.

The songs of the sparrows continue to sound across the Serenwilde.

Penned by My hand on the 22nd of Kiani, in the year 484 CE.