Lost Secrets of the Paladins Revealed

Date: 7/22/2014 at 4:50
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Lost Secrets of the Paladins Revealed

During Klangiary, 388CE, those versed in the arts of Sacraments were
given to visions of a paladin seeking their aid. Briefly confirming with
others in New Celest whether they had visions as well, parties went out
seeking the vision's source, going to such places as Spectre Isle and
Skarch Desert. When they found no success in this, they turned to
consult others, some to Dame Eluzmith and others to Lord Methrenton,
both directing them back to Skarch Desert.

Having had the desert confirmed, the parties returned to scour the sands
once more, but it wasn't until another brief visage that Queen Kelly
McCloud and those with her discovered a long-hidden passage in one of
the desert's caves. Following the passage, a ghostly paladin appeared
when they disturbed one of the sarcophagi found within. After listening
to the ghost's tale and desires, a few others opened the other
sarcophagi, finding another ghostly paladin with a similar, but
different, tale and desire. Both of these paladins wished the aid of the
living in a nearby ruined village, so the group set out to find the
village they spoke of.

While some mistook the paladins' village to be that of Dairuchi, others
scoured the sand dunes of the desert for clues. It was Lord General
Bandeon who discovered the ruins, not very far from the cave, when a
dust devil swept aside one of the sand dunes as he was nearby. Calling
the others to him, the Lord General and the other New Celestians were
the first to walk in the village for sometime, but were shortly joined
by some interested Gaudiguchians, though the attention of the latter
soon waned away. The group who had the visions, however, continued on,
deciding to fulfil the desires of the paladin they first awakened.

While the village was key to the desires of the paladins, a tedious task
was also required to be performed elsewhere in the desert, which Saoirse
Kissane-McCloud and Taevyn McCloud took upon themselves to complete
while the others largely stayed in the newly found village ruins. When
their task took them to the caverns below the desert, Athree of the
Nekotai caught wind of their actions, and led a small group from
Glomdoring to investigate the ruined village and paladin sarcophagi,
especially the latter as one of the paladins had sent the Celestian duo
to the caverns below.

The Wyrden group did not have long to investigate before Saoirse and
Taevyn completed their task, fulfilling one of the spectral paladin's
desires. As a side effect of the task's completion, the paladin ghosts
faded for a period of time, one in triumph and the other in frustration.
But for how long before the task needs completing again? And what did
the other ghostly paladin wish done, that the living Paladins of the day
would not complete?

Penned by My hand on the 19th of Shanthin, in the year 388 CE.