Troubled Waters, Part 1

Date: 4/28/2014 at 15:26
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Troubled Waters, Part 1

In the wake of the triumphant return of the four Elder Gods, in the
eventful year 381 after the Coming of Estarra, much rejoicing and
celebration took place among the organisations of the Basin and in the
Divine Havens alike. Serenwilde welcomed the Silver Goddess with joy and
relief, their fervent prayers full of longing finally answered. The
Frost Queen has chosen to take Her time, studying the First World with
impeccable scrutiny while Hallifaxians were drawn in numbers to Her
fulcrux. And finally, the Lord of Epicurean Delights was welcomed
everywhere to such an extent that He decreed a culinary contest would be
held to curry His patronage. In the end, a head to head rivalry between
Glomdoring's and Gaudiguch's entry was settled in Gaudiguch's favour.
Amidst all the revelry that swept through the Basin, Carakhan, Pearl of
the Ocean remained much overlooked by all but the Celestians.

Soon after Her arrival, a contingent from New Celest gathered at Her
fulcrux, seeking to meet the Divine so closely associated with the
waters they hold dear. Among the first arrivals was the Princess of New
Celest herself, Kelly McCloud, Admiral Neos Eli'Silar, Grandmaster Ryboi
D'Varen and his son, the Canticle of the Righteous, Daebach D'Varden.
The gathering also featured the inquisitive Diresinger Siam Star-eyes
and the Queen of the Night, Zouviqil Myeras. The Goddess welcomed them
warmly and answered their many questions, portraying Herself as the
artist of the seas, She who painted the seashells and sculpted the
beaches, and not a Keeper of the Song like some in attendance had hoped.
Much painful and bitter news was then revealed to the Goddess - the
losses, the defeats, the mergings of Elders, and the return of the
Traitors. She was most shaken and surprised to hear that the returned
Triumvirate had done nothing about this, and it was then revealed, much
to Her sorrow, that Hoaracle, the Dreamer, has been slumbering for quite
some time and She would be unable to meet Him.

Many Elders visited the Pearl of the Ocean from that point forth as
well, the Aesthete among them. The reunion of the Artists was most
touching and Carakhan was almost rendered speechless that Isune, too,
was among those who returned to the First World, and welcomed Her with
open arms and joy. The Aesthete had changed significantly since the two
last painted the sky and seas, upon which They both remarked, but their
bond transcended all, and soon, They were laughing and rejoicing,
celebrating the way only Artists do.

In the months that followed, the city of New Celest continued to visit
the Mother of Waters, as some had taken to title Her. Upon one of those
visits, the Goddess took the Aquamancers up on their offer to visit the
Elemental Plane of Water and so they did, with the majority of New
Celest in tow. The Lake of Dreams caught Carakhan's fancy at first sight
for it reminded Her of Hoaracle, but there were many more things to see
and the Archmage Tridemon McCloud and Admiral Neos Eli'Silar spared no
detail. It was there in those Cosmic waters that the Goddess first heard
of Emperor Ladantine, along with details about the future that shall
never be, physical and metaphorical doorways, and the secrets of
Aquamancer wardrobes.

Her interest sparked, the Goddess requested the tale of the Fall of the
Holy Celestine Empire soon after and Princess Kelly, along with Prelate
of Loving Radiance, Meliana Regalis, Postulant Kagato, and Grandmaster
Ryboi, all painted the picture of the grand Empire's reign and abrupt
demise. The focus then shifted to a discussion of the aftermath that
befell Magnagora, once a member of the Empire, and the tainted powers
they have mastered. The entirety of the tale carried the Goddess through
an array of emotions - shock, marvel, disgust, and disbelief - all in
equal measure. Her emotions were shaken especially at the revelation
that Illith had splintered and Her soulless shards have found home in
the transformed Magnagora.

A measure of time was needed for Carakhan to consider all that has
transpired over the course of Her absence, and during that reprieve, the
Celestians continued to shower Her with offerings of essence and
marvellous symbols of affection - seashells enough to line the Inner Sea
from shore to shore, marine paintings and trinkets from Aquamancer
Telperion, seashell necklaces, and aquatic-themed pastry. Prelate
Meliana even brought varied and exotic sealife to swim in the pool at
Her fulcrux, much to the mild envy of others, for the Goddess Herself
sung a gentle tune to the pool to make it habitable. The Goddess'
fulcrux became an aquatic temple yet worry struck many that, unlike the
other fulcruxes, this one would often shake, shimmer, and behave

Over time, the Goddess became more inquisitive, asking the frequently
visiting Prelate Meliana and Merciful Judge Saoirse McCloud about the
Holy Celestine Empire and the ways in which New Celest stays true to its
heritage of technological advances and leadership of the Basin of Life.
The Prelate was eager to answer, but as Carakhan posed more and more
pointed questions that highlighted New Celest's failures to, in Her
opinion, adhere to its founding tenets, the Prelate found herself
questioning her beliefs. The Goddess insisted that New Celest was so
eternally focused on eradicating its foe, Magnagora, that all of their
potential was wasted. Rattled, the Prelate returned soon after to admit
that perhaps there is more New Celest could be doing, and the Goddess
urged her to continue down that path eagerly.

As the Prelate battled between her deeply held beliefs and Carakhan's
persuasive rhetoric, the Goddess continued receiving visitors within Her
fulcrux - some more controversial than others. Hope's Defender, Azula
Vivalde, even sighted Raezon, the Forbidden calling upon Carakhan, but
He departed quickly with a cryptic remark, leaving behind His ghodak
board as a gift to the Goddess. Another time, Kalnid the Librarian of
Magnagora was seen retelling the story behind the Xion Initiative, a
collaboration between New Celest and Magnagora, at length. Henceforth,
Carakhan often visited New Celest, taking tours of the gardens and
sights with Telperion, Meliana, Brother Naraj, Raeri Stormcrow, and
others, engaging them on their laws, beliefs, and perceptions of the

Finally, on the 3rd of Roarkian, the Goddess chose to act and arrived in
New Celest to lay out Her vision of New Celest's future. At the heart of
the city, the Pool of Stars, many gathered to join the debate - notably
Ecclesiarch Jaamil D'Varden, Prelate Meliana, Sir Kreon Zayah, Librarian
Iytha, Acrune McCloud, Squire Preston, Postulant Kagato, Grandmaster
Ryboi, and several others. Carakhan postulated that New Celest abandoned
its roots to battle a foe they cannot destroy any more than the Creatrix
Herself has been able to purge the Soulless without tearing the First
World to shreds. Further, She skillfully insisted that the only way
forward was to become the Empire again and unite with Magnagora - the
seat of the Traitors. Many found themselves nodding along to the Divine,
confused, yet more than willing to please Her; while others, like the
conflicted Prelate, Grandmaster, and the Ecclesiarch began opposing a
plan that so deeply went against the Light, even if it meant
contradicting a Divine. It was then that Princess Kelly McCloud arrived
and, caring little for politeness, queried the Goddess right back on Her
suspicious intentions.

As the debate was about to heat up, a burst of light emanated from the
Goddess' pocket and revealed a round object within, one She previously
curtly refused to discuss but frequently checked upon to ensure it was
at Her side. Disturbed, the Goddess left without a word, baffling the
gathered citizenry of New Celest.

Penned by My hand on the 15th of Urlachmar, in the year 382 CE.