The Homecoming of Lisaera and Many Lost Divine

Date: 4/20/2014 at 3:38
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The Homecoming of Lisaera and Many Lost Divine

The portal above Avechna's Peak blazed with moonfire and the Basin
of Life was engulfed by the rage of Lisaera, the Silver Goddess, as She
bore down upon the beast with Her athame in hand. Crying out for the
death of Her daughter, the Goddess tore through the beast and quickly
swung around, sending a blast of cold moonfire straight into its centre.
Three other sources of energy exploded through the portal, ripping into
the black miasma and causing it to stumble from the skies to the stunned
mortals below. As it fell, fragments of the essence of Mother Moon were
released, which the Silver Goddess worked quickly to heal as She
commanded the gathered mortals to finish the job so that Her daughter
might be whole again once more.

Valiantly, the Basin of Life swarmed the creature, ripping it apart in a
matter of moments. The essence of Moon returned to the skies, and though
She was visibly elated at being reunited with Her Awakened Spirit once
more, Lisaera turned Her gaze to the portal above. After blasting it
with another beam of moonfire, the portal widened.

Crumkane, Lord of Epicurean Delights, strode through first, licking His
fingers clean of frosting as He did so, marking His return to the First

Carakhan, Pearl of the Ocean, descended next, riding elegantly astride a
globe of water.

Jadice, the Frost Queen, entered last, Her presence marked by a cold
blast of air that whipped across the Basin of Life as She strode toward
the others in a stately fashion.

The mortals, stunned and frenzied by the return of the four Elder Gods,
pummeled Them with questions, but the journey was long and tiring, and
the little voices of the shards became a haze. Mysrai, appearing as the
Urchin in Ivory, whisked Crumkane away to join Her in the city of
Gaudiguch, effectively providing a means by which the other Elders could
also excuse Themselves to find Their own places of comfort.

Lisaera, meanwhile, responded to questions about the journey and Her
involvement. It would seem that although Her quest for Charune was a
successful one, in that She managed to find others along the way, Her
beloved remains in the Void. In Her tale, She explained the vast
emptiness of the Void and how it feels as if, over time, it can be
difficult to separate oneself from the nothingness, and that unless
memories and passions are at the forefront of one's thoughts, the
suffocating and infinite space can threaten to claim them, leaving only
insanity in its wake. When She found the others, the fathomless
emptiness became more bearable, and although She longed to search for
Her beloved, She knew it was Her duty to guide the others' way. So
it was that Her quest came to an end.

When pressed with questions about the origins of the creature, however,
She admitted Her ignorance, hoping that the mortals around Her could
shed some light on these details. They recounted their understanding of
the attack on Mother Moon, but the source of the black miasma remains a
mystery that has yet to be solved.

Penned by My hand on the 12th of Avechary, in the year 381 CE.