Mother Moon's Pursuit into Darkness

Date: 4/20/2014 at 3:37
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Mother Moon's Pursuit into Darkness

The Basin of Life was quiet and still, a precious moment of relative
peace descending across the First World, but that brief reprieve was
shattered when followers of Mother Moon felt her presence weighing
heavily on their minds. Frantically, the Awakened Spirit called out
through her connection to those who would wield her powers, urging them
to abandon their activities and rush to Avechna's peak.

Caerlyr D'Varden, the Heir of Ellindel, Neshca, the High Priestess of
the Moondance coven, Isluna Nabrial, Lodge Keeper of the Serenguard, and
Mnemosyne, Spellsage in the Moondancers were the first to hear their
spirit's call. They sped to the destination they saw in their
visions, and as they scoured the mountaintop for answers, they felt
Mother Moon work with her own energies, arduously pulling and tearing at
something unseen. Soon after, the Awakened Spirit manifested before the
Basin of Life, the moon itself ripping free from its orbit to loom above
Avechna's Peak. From her vantage point in the sky, Mother Moon
sent a beam of light into the belly of the mountain, illuminating a
series of cracks in the heart of the Transcendental Fulrux - a place of
great significance to the Elder Gods.

The translucent manifestation of the moon flew toward the cracks, and
with a little investigative work, Mother Moon discovered the source of
her concern: a black mass of energy that seemed to lap hungrily at her
energy. As the mortals, particularly the followers of the Awakened
Spirit and members of the Serenwilde Forest, looked on in curiosity,
Mother Moon tested the black mass further, sending more blasts of her
own energy into the cracks. In response, the dark energy gulped the
silver light, its tendrils writhing up along the column of light.

It was then that mortals discovered the spirit's weakness. Was her
energy feeding the beast that lurked just beyond the cracks? Could they
help? As speculation ran rampant regarding the source of the
creature's power and the likelihood of its origins as some sort of
creature from the void, which was a conclusion drawn based on the
strange dreams that overcame the Basin of Life, followers of Mother Moon
were struck with a potent vision: they saw themselves, as if watching
their bodies from afar, open their fists, revealing silvery essence,
which they then placed inside the cracks.

Promptly acknowledging their tasks, the enlightened mortals went in
search of essence as Mother Moon returned to the skies. When the first
few individuals returned, silvery essence in hand, they tentatively
placed it in the cracks and watched in horror as the black miasma seemed
to be repelled and simultaneously empowered as a result. Also sensing
this side effect, Mother Moon gently encouraged her followers to
continue as she forged another brilliant column of light, this time
extending it from the bottom of cracks in the Transcendental Fulcrux to
the heavens themselves.

Quick to notice this potential weakness, representatives from
organizations that do not particularly care for - and were sometimes
very vocal about their hatred of - the Awakened Spirit, namely
Glomdoring and Magnagora, attempted to insert their own shadowy
essences. Unexpectedly, the creature rejected them, and any other kind
of essence - including those of New Celest and Hallifax. Deciding
quickly whether to help or hinder the efforts, the mortals began to act.
Serenwilde and its allies worked hard to scour the known planes,
collecting what they could and depositing silvery essence in piles.

Soon, it became clearer to the gathered onlookers that the miasma was
indeed growing, but whether it was from the silvery essence or from
Mother Moon's own energy was unclear. As if in response to this
speculation, Mother Moon'ss light began to dim, the presence of her
celestial body looming above Avechna Peak losing its lambency. Still,
she urged the mortals onward with their task as she continued to hold
her power steady.

The outlines of a portal appeared at the point where the column of light
connected with the sky, thick, multi-coloured lightning seeming to rip
wide reality itself. Just as Mother Moon's work seemed over,
tendrils of black energy erupted across the Basin of Life, falling
openly upon each nexus of power in turn, beginning with the Master
Ravenwood of Glomdoring. In a display of weakness, the black miasma
tried desperately to absorb power from the cities and communes, but
their defenses deftly drove them back, the mouth of the Necromentate
actually devouring the tendrils attacking it completely.

As the tendrils were beaten back, Mother Moon's power continued to
wane dramatically, all of her energy focused on maintaining the portal.
Still desperate and hungry, the black miasma began to travel upstream,
its dark form nearly reaching the Awakened Spirit. Just when it was
nearly upon the weakened moon, the mortals managed to collect enough
essence to send a powerful blast of pure, silver energy through the
column of light, searing open the portal and completing Mother
Moon's work. Exhausted and elated, the Awakened Spirit slumped
visibly in the sky.

Taking this opportunity to strike, the black miasma, freed from the
cracks from the mighty surge of energy, filled the air next to Mother
Moon and sent a massive, hungry tendril down on her back, shattering her
into a haze of broken light, which it devoured in one fell swoop.

Stunned, the followers of the spirit felt their connection to her
vanish, and for a long moment, the Basin of Life was left to ponder the
supposed death of this powerful entity.

Penned by My hand on the 12th of Avechary, in the year 381 CE.