Founding of the Gourmet Ghetto

Date: 4/5/2014 at 22:16
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Founding of the Gourmet Ghetto

Alerted by screams of agony bellowing out of the village Delport, the
mortals of the Basin rushed to investigate, only to find the village
mostly filled with hideous abominations, shadows of the villagers they
once were. Stumbling upon Madame Sylvie, Chatelaine d'Amour, they were
shocked to see her unchanged by the atrocity that afflicted the others.
When questioned about the abominations, Sylvie told the inquisitors that
she had merely been applying her perfume, when she felt a slight pinch
and the screams began. Question after question came her way, until
suddenly, the abominations began to march out of the village.

Tasked to hunt down the abominations, the adventurers took to the
highway, slaying the hideous beasts where they stood. Within the
slaughter, the Silver Dynodeon appeared, asking the adventures to
report. The adventurers spoke of the abominations that had escaped, and
the Silver Dynodeon noted that Madame Sylvie's perfume is what protected
her from the change, and that it could possibly be the cure. With the
parametre secured, the Silver Dynodeon whizzed off once more, trailing a
series of beeping sounds.

Asking Madame Sylvie about her perfume, players were asked to gather
powderfruit, honeycombs, and kouseki flowers. Hiriako of the Glomdoring
arrived, honeycombs in hand, Persayis of Gaudiguch supplied the kouseki,
and Xenthos, of Glomdoring, provided the powderfruit. Missing one lone
fruit, Madame Sylvie recalled she had dropped one within the Chateau,
and once retrieved, she was able to concoct the cure. She dashed off,
returning the villagers to their normal state, and returned breathing
heavily, thanking the adventurers for their work.

Yells quickly filled the air near the entrance to Delport, and upon
inspection, the adventurers found two chefs, complaining about the
dangerous work environment Madame Sylvie subjected them to, and they
decided they would start up their own restaurant. One of the chefs,
Rammy Fleming, hesitated, murmuring about love, when the other, Gordo
Hodgkinson, began to question him. Rammy told Gordo that he had fallen
in love with Beauregard's sister, Gabrah, and that it was Madame Sylvie
who brought them together. Gordo became furious, and told Rammy that
Gabrah was his one true love, and that Madame Sylvie had brought them
together as well. Bickering over a girl, the two decided that their
plans were ended, and Gordo dashed off, telling Rammy that he'd open a
restaurant himself. Rammy hesitated, then decided that he was not going
to let Gordo outdo him, and went off to prepare his own restaurant for
its grand opening.

Hammering and crashing filled the air as the two chefs worked to get
their restaurants open, and it wasn't long until Chef Gordo Hodgkinson
announced the grand opening of Bistro Noir on the Old Imperial Road. Not
to be outdone, Chef Rammy Fleming rushed to open his cafe as well just
north of his rival's, and Chez Magnifique's doors were opened to the
public. Overwhelmed by the influx of customers, the two chefs became
quite confused, Rammy thanking adventurers for helping who had yet to do
a thing. In the meantime, Gordo was having trouble in the kitchen, and
was ignoring those who helped get his waiters to work. Too many cooks in
the kitchen greatly confused the two, but once things began to settle,
the two chefs asked the adventurers for help, tasking them with helping
their restaurant to thrive, while driving their newly formed rival's
into the ground.

Many worked on both sides, motivating the staff, gathering ingredients
from the farmers market south of the two diners, and preparing dishes to
server to the diners, but it was Xenthos An'Ryshe who was first tasked
by Gordo with sabotaging Rammy's restaurant. Sneaking into the cafe,
Xenthos ran customers out, overcharging them for the meals they ate, and
Rammy's restaurant was left empty. So it was Xenthos, of the Glomdoring,
who first assisted one of the chefs in the first of the restaurant wars.
Perhaps some day the former friends shall reconcile, but for now, the
rivalry holds strong.

However, the mystery remains as to what caused the Delport villagers to
mutate and why the Silver Dynodeons seemed so interested in the events
that transpired.

Penned by My hand on the 21st of Dioni, in the year 380 CE.