The Cyaethl Affair

Date: 3/25/2014 at 4:39
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The Cyaethl Affair

Relative peace across the southern Basin was disturbed when cries for
help were heard from several villages, but quickly cut off, leaving only
a sinister silence. An investigative team from Gaudiguch included Alary,
Seraku and Persayis, but they could find no trace of the missing
villagers from Dairuchi. Haezon and a group from Glomdoring were
similarly baffled by the disappearances in Southgard, while in Angkrag,
Master Nasir n'Rotri managed to survive an attack. It was this that led
to Silvanus and Gryff's discovery: a crazed Grand Illithoid Cenobite was
marauding throughout the village, ranting about having partially lost
control to some foreign entity and its overwhelming need to consume. The
Cenobite was too far gone to provide any useful information, and was
quickly put down. Similar events played out in Dairuchi, but in
Southgard the Cenobite proved more formidable. Possessed of some greater
power, it withstood the combined attacks of those present until the
unexpected arrival of the Silver Dynodeon. With no explanation apart
from screeching "PARAMETRE BREACH", it incinerated the Grand Illithoid
Cenobite and quickly departed, encouraging everyone to "return to
standard state".

In the wake of these confusing events, Cthoglogg, the Avatar of the
Hidden Empress, disavowed any responsibility and called an emergency
council to determine how the illithoid should respond. Present were
Eithatha, Mistress of Poisons; Overmind Tkegthul, Reigning Cenobite of
Ixthiaxa; High Priest Yishughom; as well as Leolamins, Aiyana, Aislynn,
and other representatives from the southern organisations. Several
theories were put forward and dismissed, and tempers flared, but
eventually it was decided that the events signified some new and
dangerous type of kepheran attack. Against the advice ot Eithatha,
Cthoglogg summoned a mysterious new Overseer, Yishign, and told her to
implement 'her proposal'. In this way the council was concluded, with
those who had defended the villages still none the wiser regarding the
the power that had gripped the Cenobites or, indeed, what scheme now
being enacted against the kephera in response.

Later in the month, however, Overseer Yishign was forced to request help
from the southern organisations in clearing an infestation of spidions,
and thus reveal her venture: a cave-fisher breeding program. Deep within
the Undervault, the Cyaethl Colony now serves as a new illithoid outpost
engaged in weaponisation research, and has already been significantly
aided by Xenthos and a contingent from Glomdoring. Yet many questions
remain: are the kephera truly to blame for the renegade Cenobites? Why
did the Silver Dynodeon intervene? And does Yishign have a hidden,
darker purpose for the Cyaethl Colony?

Penned by My hand on the 14th of Vestian, in the year 379 CE.