Secrets of the Red Star Revealed

Date: 1/7/2014 at 6:42
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Secrets of the Red Star Revealed

As the Red Star travelled closer and closer to Lusternia, its baleful
crimson glow growing larger and larger, Archangels of Celestia and
Archdemons of Nil began appearing on the roads in the Basin of Life,
gazing up at its fiery light. Alarmed, the Demon Lords of Nil demanded
that the archdemons be brought back to their cosmic plane, as did the
Holy Supernals of Celestia beseech the same for the archangels. Most
strangely, they were unable to tell anyone what the Red Star was, even
though it appeared they wanted to several times. However, the Holy
Supernal Raziela of Celestia and Demon Queen Nifilhema of Nil tried
several times to answer questions, for they seemed to know more than any

The wayward archdemons and archangels were being drawn to the Red Star,
and thus the Demon Lords and Holy Supernals were slowly being sapped of
power. As the cosmic entities were brought back to their planes, their
cosmic masters slowly regained their strength. Once they were fully
empowered, they came together to enact a rite that destroyed the
Mysterious Presence that had been plaguing the Basin of Life for so
long. This rite destroyed the binding which had prevented them from
being able to speak of the Red Star. This also revealed a small area in
the Verasavir Valley that held the ruins of an abode as well as the
forgotten tomb of Deliora La'Saet.

Unfortunately, enacting the rite drained the Holy Supernals and Demon Lords
where they could barely function and they found communication with
mortals difficult. Around this time, the Red Star became much more
aggressive, turning the archdemons and archangels that were drawn to
them into burning beings that began to wreck havoc upon mortals. Now,
these cosmic beings had to be slain and brought back to their cosmic
plane where they could be re-absorbed into the Demon Lords and Holy
Supernals and reborn back into pure cosmic entities.

As Celest, Magnagora and their allies began the arduous process of
slaying the burning entities and bringing them back to their cosmic
plane, the Red Star focused its malevolence upon the Seal of Beauty,
drawing its energy into the star. The other seals have thus far been
able to replenish the Seal of Beauty's power but at the cost of their
own power. When Raziela and Nifilhema were strong enough, they gave keys
to Postulant Kagato of the Celestines and Arimisia D'Cente, Supreme
Commander of the ur'Guard, which were able to open the newly found tomb
in the Verasavir Valley.

Within that tomb, a diary was found and read by Marcella n'Lochli, and
the mystery of the Red Star was finally revealed. The Red Star itself
holds two cosmic lords, Dumaliel of Celestia and Grimbach of Shallamar
(now Nil). They had abandoned their cosmic homes to be with each other,
but doing so turned them into what the Elder Gods called half-formed
abominations. Thought to have been banished to the Void, they now
return, stronger than ever and intent of draining the Seal of Beauty, no
matter the consequences.

Thus, the fate of the cosmos hangs in the balance as the Holy Supernals
and Demon Lords attempt to gather enough power together to perform the
rite to send them back into the Void. Whether they can succeed or not
remains to be seen.

But as the Red Star looms even greater in the sky above, reports abound
of merchants abandoning their shops, children running from their
parents, and others fleeing from their duties. Whispers are heard of a new
movement forming, one that will reshape society.

This movement calls itself the Army of Love.

Penned by My hand on the 20th of Kiani, in the year 373 CE.