Plaxios and the Cloud Stalker

Date: 12/3/2013 at 6:25
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Plaxios and the Cloud Stalker

With the weather wildly out of order, citizens of the Serenwilde and
Glomdoring communes turned to the four members of the Anas'im'aeklas for
answers. Unfortunately for them, the leader of the organisation,
Thalafir Oakvine, forbade his subordinates from accepting aid from the
outside. Though some disagreed vocally with the assessment of the
situation, all obeyed the edict in the end.

As days turned into months turned into years, neither a solution nor an
answer was forthcoming. It was Coimrac Nightshade, the Guardian of
Autumn, who eventually decided to countermand Thalafir's orders and
return home with the remainder of the Anas'im'aeklas. Yet as the group
climbed the Razine Mountains they were intercepted by dozens of mortal
warriors insistent on the fact that, secret purpose or not, what was
happening in the Basin affected everyone and thus they would provide
their aid whether or not it was wanted. Although resistant at first, the
coven grudgingly permitted them to follow and led the mortals through a
cave and into what is now known as the Plaxios Lowlands, a valley
wracked by war and infested with mutated fauna.

Leading the pack to the leader of the Anas'im'aeklas, the true gravity
of the situation was gradually revealed. In the distant past, a group of
Hallifaxian scientists, led by senior researcher Juryk Plaxios,
travelled to the valley in order to construct a vast and sprawling
facility which could exert total control over the weather. At some
point, either through scientific miscalculation or intentional sabotage
by the Lowland's indigenous people, the safety mechanisms failed and
released all the stored Ethereal energy at once, transforming the land
into the energy wracked fields still suffering today . Realising that
their home would never be the same again, the peoples of the valley
sadly left their homes and spread across the Basin. Yet before they did
so, five families were tasked with appointing one of their members to
undertake the solemn duty of watching over the ruins of the facility
forever more, ensuring that what hubris had once wrought would never
come to be again. This gathering, this promise, was the Nature's
Renewal... Anas'im'aeklas.

In recent years, however, a descendent of the original Plaxios named
Odethi found her way to the ruins of the old facility and
surreptitiously repaired it beneath the nose of the organisation,
leading to current environmental situation. With the aid of those who
had gathered to assist, Thalafir and his Guardians fought against
twisted dae'aldim, ancient crystalline guardian constructs, and Chief
Superintendent Entrias Pavok to destroy Odethi's auxiliary spires which
provided power and protection for her primary facility. With the way
clear, the five members of the Anas'im'aeklas pooled their energy
together to summon Sylvokhax the Cloud Stalker, one of the immensely
powerful Ethereal Guardians, who once again rendered the complex a
complete ruin.

Yet against all odds, Odethi Plaxios escaped the wrath of the Cloud
Stalker, swearing that she would return with more lucidians to complete
her ancestor's work and promising a vast reward to any who might aid her
along the way...

Penned by My hand on the 5th of Avechary, in the year 370 CE.