A Gathering Storm

Date: 11/18/2013 at 1:47
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: A Gathering Storm

Over the past year, four odd wanderers have made their way to the
forests of Lusternia. First came the aloof loboshigaru, Diakala, to the
Serenwilde, arriving suddenly and causing some small bit of
consternation, who was followed soon after by a druid calling himself
Tinjtak Gladheart raising a ruckus in Estelbar. Barely a quarter of a
year later, a pair, the elfen Coimrac Nightshade and the mugwump
Slemgooum Fyrgenwig arrived together in the Glomdoring before parting
way soon after. Though they offered little explanation as to who they
were and why they suddenly decided to visit the communes of the First
World, each of them demanded a wealth of supplies, a gift, they claimed,
which would be for the benefit of all of nature.

Though little could be gleaned of their purpose at first, citizens of
the communes relentlessly pressed the demanding wayfarers for answers,
combining clever application of threats, sympathy, withholding of aid,
and, in one case, the judicious application of tea. Slowly, the
semblance of a story was able to be pieced together. The four were
members of a society known as the Anas'im'aeklas, an order formed long
ago to combat 'a great evil' visited upon nature by the old Celestian
empire. Though the group had long kept itself hidden, working far beyond
the public eye, recent concerns convinced them to reveal themselves to
the commune at large. What this danger may be, or why it was so great
that the four came out of hiding, none were willing to say other than to
cryptically caution against trusting lucidians.

Elsewhere, the Mysterious Presence, quiet for nigh on half a decade,
struck once more, this time encasing a lucidian climatologist in a block
of crystal. Not willing to allow so eldritch a presence keep captive a
fellow mortal, warriors from across the Basin swarmed to the scientist's
aid; blasting apart the crystalline prison while fending off brutal
attacks by the Presence itself. Despite the staunch opposition, the
soldiers of Lusternia proved more than a match and succeeded in both
driving off the Presence and freeing the unlucky lucidian. Despite being
incredibly grateful for his rescue, the climatologist did not tarry;
after giving thanks, he dashed off to complete his nebulous objectives.

Soon afterwards, a fantastic beam of flame was seen lancing into the sky
far to the west, sending waves of energy out to blanket the heavens.
Soon afterwards, strange weather anomalies began to emerge: rain fell
upwards, frost and snow gathered in the desert, and lightning arced
across the sky with nary a sound. What exactly the molten lance did to
disrupt the natural order, and whether it is related to the
Anas'im'aeklas, has yet to be revealed.

Penned by My hand on the 16th of Kiani, in the year 369 CE.