Imprisonment of the Even Bladed

Date: 6/15/2013 at 18:48
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Imprisonment of the Even Bladed

Rending apart the silence of the early morning, a strange rift tore
apart the sky above the Skarch Desert. As cosmic energies leaked into
the air, the monstrous Dreadform of Iklara clambered once more into the
Basin of Life. Massive and engorged with the blood and essence of the
mortals and demigods it had previously feasted upon in the realms of
Mysrai and Zvoltz, the best roared a challenge that echoed across the
Prime Material Plane.

Mysrai descended from the Havens to calm it, though it broke free from
Her insistent enticement to rest. Mocking Mysrai's efforts to
commune with such a monster, Zvoltz appeared in the sky with His hammer
in hand. Provoked, the Dreadform charged forward, though its attack was
prevented by the timely intervention of the Bloom of Serenity. As Maylea
struggled to maintain a shield around both Herself and the Architect,
the Dreadform rushed forward, biting deeply into Her arm.

Though all seemed lost to the embattled Elders, the Even Bladed appeared
from the sky with Her blades whirling, driving the beast back. Zvoltz
held the sagging form of Maylea in a cocoon of divine energy, as
Terentia fought on. In the end, He released the wounded goddess,
abandoning Her as He rushed to Terentia's aid. While the battle
raged unchecked above, the falling goddess was borne off by Mysrai.

Drawing upon Zvoltz's power, Terentia's twin blades drove
the Dreadform back into the rift from which it emerged even as it fought
tooth, nail, and alien armament to be free. Though the retreat was
sounded, bravely the Even Bladed fought the raging menace even as the
Architect sealed both goddess and monster away in a place that only He
and the Shifting Goddess know.

Penned by My hand on the 5th of Shanthin, in the year 356 CE.