Fumes in the Pyramid of Pyromancy

Date: 6/2/2013 at 20:10
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Fumes in the Pyramid of Pyromancy

Akungi Sain called out on the Pyromancer aetherwave, asking for help in
a worried voice. Alary responded quickly, but she quickly panicked as
Akungi fainted and was unable to provide any helpful information. Soon,
tremors began to rock the Pyramid of the Pyromancers in Gaudiguch,
worsening the stress on both Akungi and Alary. Luckily for both of them,
Sage Rolan Vessandril arrived and quickly took charge of the situation.
Akungi explained that the strange sandstone statue that had emerged from
the temporal door years earlier was beginning to crack apart. Resigned
to the imminent death of 'Boopie', they stood vigil over the statue
before Akungi had the idea that heating up the statue would fuse it back

Requesting enough gold and materials to set up a powerful fire pit,
Akungi quickly accepted the supplies from Sage Rolan. As the fire pit
was being constructed, the statue began to move even as the cracks
deepened and spread. The strange statue, speaking in reverse as its
words flowed backward in time, demanded power from the gathered
Pyromancers. Viynain, Alary, and Rolan quickly drained their reserves
into the dry sandstone, though much more was required. With the aid of
all the citizens of Gaudiguch, the statue soon received enough power to
move fully. With a quick step, it plunged into the fire pit, opening a
gateway to the Fire Elemental Plane.

The City of Freedom quickly found the statue, now Scuchemi Tliwx, morose
and confused in a strange pavilion. Though he thought he had no place in
this timestream, the mystic eventually agreed to teach the Pyromancers
the ways of pyrochemantics in order to bring about a brighter future
than the one he had left behind. Thus, Rolan Vessandril became the first
pyrochemantic in modern times.

Penned by My hand on the 19th of Juliary, in the year 355 CE.