Ascension of Synkarin

Date: 3/2/2013 at 22:43
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Ascension of Synkarin

Weakened by the temporal quakes caused by the War of the Wheel, the Nine
Seals were weakened and in danger of releasing the Soulless Gods. Thus,
the Trials of Ascension commenced to find the one mortal who would rise
to strengthen the seals.

Throughout the Trials of Ascension, the Soulless God Kethuru the
Almighty had been slowly breaking through His prison-the Seals that
bound Him weakened and Sealbearers of the Basin of Life scrambling to
survive. With every new crack of His prison, the insatiable hunger and
twisted anticipation of the Soulless God grew; manifestations of His
will forming to mutilate those that would dare stop His escape.

Avechna the Avenger formed the Staff of Ascension from the weakening
Seals as mortals from all across the Basin formed into groups-each
supporting a mortal marked by a Seal and each pulling all tricks,
forsaking all alliances to make their champion the next Ascendant. As
Avechna threw the Staff of Ascension into the Astral Plane, Kethuru the
Almighty broke through all but the last bits of His prison, raining
relentless havoc down on the mortals below. Sidd Ysav'rai, the Shadow
Warden of Glomdoring, marked by the Seal of War was the first -- and the
last -- to take possession of the Staff.

Amazingly, none of the other Sealbearers could wrest the Staff of
Ascension from Sidd's control, especially since he was guarded by the
combined might of Glomdoring, Magnagora and Gaudiguch. Though Kelly of
Celest and Ushaara of Hallifax made a valiant effort, they were not able
to break through the forces gathered to protect Sidd on the Astrosphere
of Leo. Eventually, the Staff of Ascension exploded in the hands of
Sidd, causing all mortals to become frozen in shock and awe. As Sidd
claimed the fiery being of energy that was the Staff of Ascension,
shockwaves of power shook the very foundations of Lusternia. The realms
shuddered and shook once more as the Soulless God, Kethuru the Almighty
broke free of His prison and charged for Avechna and Sidd in a feral
rage. Thankfully, the Soulless God's attempt was foiled and He was
resealed into his prison as before by His prey. The battle knocked Sidd
from the sky-his life draining quickly to the point of death, until
Shadow Warden Sidd Ysav'rai, marked by the Seal of War, called in a
desperate effort upon the energies of the Nine Domoths and found new

Thus rose Synkarin, True Ascendant! Synkarin had pierced the Veil of War
and now embraces battles from without and within, giving him a place
within the Domoth lands alongside the few others who have managed the

Penned by My hand on the 20th of Avechary, in the year 348 CE.