Lars Legrand's Trouble with Rocs

Date: 11/20/2012 at 6:30
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Lars Legrand's Trouble with Rocs

From a familiar farm in Delport, Lars Legrand began a journey that would
lead him to trouble.

Percy Legrand welcomed her cousin to her farm only to discover that Lars
had tired of his life working in the mill and had made the decision to
start his own farm. Knowing his cousin, Percy, to be a masterful farmer,
he made the short walk to the farm and began to debate possible
locations with his cousin.

The first to come across this momentous moment was none other than
Auspex Iytha. Shortly after, a number of others came to wish Lars well
and to assist him in finding a new home. Among these newcomers were
Tully, Tridemon, and Donato.

Countless options were discussed, each discarded in turn by Lars or
Percy for being unsuitable. First to be suggested and discarded was the
Greys Moors, as the idea of undead neighbors did not sit well with Lars.
Stewartsville was then likewise dismissed by Percy for being known as

Numerous other ideas were suggested until finally a suggestion by Earl
Donato was aired and accepted. Oleanvir Valley was decided to be the
optimal location for Lar's new farm and after enthusiastic farewells to
his cousin, Lars allowed himself to be led there before quickly taking
off on his own.

A short period of time later, sounds of frenzied construction could be
heard coming from Oleanvir Valley.

After the sounds of construction finally died down, the peace of the
valley was suddenly interrupted by Lar's cry of anger and frustration! A
roc had swooped down and scared his herding dogs away, chasing them all
the way to the Old Imperial Road. Without his dogs, Lar's five lambs
meandered into the forest, leaving Lars alone and distraught at his

Many responded to Lar's cry for help and attempted to assist. However,
tracking down the dogs and lambs was more challenging than at first it
appeared. Lars attempted to provide instructions in retrieving his lambs
but was only able to instruct his helpers with partial directions. Many
attempted to make sense of his instructions and to return his lambs to
him but all failed until one arrived many days later.

Gabriella Myeras of Serenwilde had come to try her hand at assisting
Lars. She tirelessly assisted Lars, attempting to piece together his
instructions and gather the toys back from the rocs. Many times, rocs
would swoop down and carry her away, leaving Lars shocked and without
hope. Gabriella would return shortly though, once again working to help.

Finally, Gabriella was able to piece together Lar's instructions and set
out to gather the lambs. As she brought the final lamb back into its
pen, Lars was suddenly refilled with hope and determination for his new
farm. He could manage the rocs as long as one such as Gabriella would be
there to come to his aide whenever the rocs returned.

Penned by My hand on the 8th of Dioni, in the year 340 CE.