Wounding of the Wheel

Date: 10/25/2012 at 3:44
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Wounding of the Wheel

True to her promise, Stepasha, the Dame of Destruction, returned to
attack the Glomdoring Forest. For more than a day the deathwatch beetles
within the forest have clicked and chimed their eerie song, anxiously
skittering amongst the trees. Soon the very Voice of Mahalla wailed and
shrieked, the mournful tones of her song filling the Glomdoring with a
dread cadence as the attack drew nearer and nearer. And then she came.

Legions of one-eyed crimson dominators poured into the forest as the
Wheel of the Goloths spinned above, twisting ominously as Stepasha paced
the skies with even, patient passes. Rowena Nightshade joined the Queen
of the Night, Celina Nightshade, briefly fighting side-by-side until
separated by the enemies spilling into their mutual homeland, while
Brennan Stormcrow stood guard over the Master Ravenwood alongside his
Great Spirit, Crow. Growing impatient, Stepasha began to hack waves of
black energy into the forest, hacking apart trees, defenders and raiders
alike. It was then Brennan could wait no more, and took to the skies as
a mangy crow.

Calling out to the great Murder of the Glomdoring, Brennan Stormcrow
drew forth the entirety of the forest's crows, leading them in a
frenzied attack on the Time Dame that had come to claim the spirit and
undead of their home. Though they made progress, it was quickly halted
as she blasted apart waves of her attackers, drenching the Glomdoring
Forest in a downpour of dead and butchered crows. This did not stop
Brennan, however, who continued his attack. Nearly captured by Stepasha,
Brennan called out, and Crow himself joined the attack - raining black
shadows of crows upon the attacker and eventually raking her with talons
and beak, Spirit Crow fought for both his home and his most prized
druid. It all played into Stepasha's hands, however, as she grabbed hold
of Crow's wing and clutched him against her breast. Frenzied and
panicked, Crow and Brennan clawed and bit as he attempted to escape, but
to no success. As the Wheel of Goloths drew closer, Brennan returned to
his undead elfen form, biting and clawing with rotten teeth and skeletal
fingers, shrieking and howling in wordless fear and anger.

It was of no use, however. The Wheel drew close, and Brennan and Crow
were quickly drawn in with Stepasha, Dame of Destruction. Drifting away,
the Wheel headed north as Rowena Nightshade was heard shouting and
yelling, cursing that which lied within Glomdoring and demanding action.
And action came. Shaking the earth and trees as it drew itself from its
hole, the great Ebonglom Wyrdling took wing for the first time in
centuries, skating across the skies to attack the Wheel of Goloths high
above the Balach Swamp. Bashing it numerous times, the Wyrdling soon
came to wrap itself about the Wheel of Goloths, constricting tightly.
Temporal energies washed out across the Ebonglom Wyrdling and the skies
around him, distorting all within their grasp as parts shifted through
time, rapidly shifting from ancient to young, Wyrdling to part-furrikin.
With a howl the Wyrdling released the Wheel of the Goloths, returning to
battering it bodily. Soon the Wheel began to crack - a small sliver, a
small slice of nothingness - and it was all that was needed. Shadows
converged upon the Wheel of the Goloths as dusk changed to night, the
form of Rowena Nightshade appearing atop the Wheel. Yanking at the crack
she widened it enough to draw forth Crow and Brennan, though the latter
after a long moment of consideration. Such was not without cost - for
Rowena herself was nearly lost in the process, the hand of Stepasha
grasping ahold of her, attempting to draw the ancient wicca into the
Wheel, her previous prey now lost.

It was then that day fully surrendered to Night, and She was greatly
displeased. Black lightning coursed across the sky, battering the Wheel
of the Goloths and slamming it into the Balach Swamp, Rowena escaping in
the moment of frenzied panic and fear.

Now in the Balach Swamp does the Wheel of the Goloths, slowly spinning,
gaining in increments as its crack begins to knit together, shrink and
heal. For how long it shall lie in the swamp is unknown, though
Stepasha's threat of return, to bring destruction to all of the Basin of
Life, did not go without notice.

Penned by My hand on the 7th of Kiani, in the year 338 CE.