An Aborted Invasion in Hallifax

Date: 7/30/2012 at 3:21
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: An Aborted Invasion in Hallifax

Alarms rang out across the frosted platforms of Hallifax as strange
anomalies manifested across the cold streets. Hordes of shambling
zombies stepped from these to attack citizens in the streets. The
citizens searched in vain for the source of the undead plague. In a
blaring of sirens and an artificial voice of stern gemwork, the Primary
Generator alerted the city to the reanimated flesh.

After waves of zombies came a swarm of undead cave fishers. All the
while, the Primary Generator provided announcements that became, over
time, more commands than guidance to the besieged citizens. The citizens
battled the invaders at the very Matrix, and the voice of Kesisha, First
of the Time Dames echoed over the city aether, revealing confused
details of a plan to breach the temporal defenses of Hallifax.

Waves of temporal energy washed across the beleagured forces, displacing
the citizens and their allies as fires raged across the city. Rifts
opened around the city, expelling hordes of Dominators onto the
platforms of the Beacon of Harmony. The strangeness of the situation
only increased as blood turned to alcohol in the veins of those who
fought the mysterious invaders.

The Primary Generator gave a final garbled instruction, calling the
inebriated citizens to return temporal artifacts carried by the
Dominators to the Wheel of the Goloths. A final distorted cry for aid
rang out as the Generator went dark, avoiding further damage from the
Dominator forces.

In time, the citizens rallied. The Dominators were slain and the
temporal rifts sealed, leaving behind only wreckage and unanswered

Penned by My hand on the 22nd of Kiani, in the year 331 CE.