The Isle of Olimsito

Date: 5/8/2012 at 0:03
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The Isle of Olimsito

At the beginning of Tzarin, strange scenes began to be seen across the
Inner Sea. First noticed by Elodres Diluculo who raised the alarm to
Celest, the entire Basin was made aware by the shouts of Helstren, the
Harbourmaster of Celest, who also shouted of seeing the Wheel of the
Goloths floating across the surface.

As many made haste to the waters to search for the Wheel, the scenes
continued to be displayed, mainly focused upon a fleet of ships making
their way across the sea before being destroyed by a large group of
kelpies. However, interspersed among these flickering echoes in time
were afterimages of an ongoing battle between two factions. While the
search continued, it was Xypher Stormcrow who first found the Wheel of
the Goloths floating across the surface of the water.

Alerting the others of its position, the curious adventurers gathered
together to follow the Wheel as it moved. When it finally seemed to
settle, its activity began to increase, before emitting a large beam of
light. As this happened, a final scene played out before their eyes,
showing the kelpies agreeing that they must hide this island from sight
and presence, so as to respect the innocents lost in the awful task they
were required to undertake. Using unknown magic, they hid this island,
and it was only now due to the Wheel of the Goloths, the island of
Olimsito was returned.

Celestian Iytha ventured into the wreckage of a ship there and
discovered that Namoc Tsolut, an elfen historian from Caoimhe Dell, had
already arrived. Quick to greet him, Namoc informed Iytha that he
required some assistance, and she quickly left to fulfill this task,
leaving the other adventurers to converse with Namoc. It became clear
that Namoc had studied the Taint Wars, and was a scholar concerning the
event whereby the kelpies ripped apart the fleet of ships to prevent the
Horn of the Urlach from reaching Ladantine. Upon the emergence of
Olimsito Isle from the eddying time waves, Namoc had travelled to the
island to further his studies.

While Iytha worked, others helped to educate him on more current events
that he had missed and learn a little of the person he was. Finally, she
returned but was unable to fully help Namoc. He now waits, if a little
impatiently, aboard the ship for any who wish to try.

The Wheel of the Goloths has settled down once again, but what was the
glimpses of the two factions locked in battle? Those who saw it were
left with a deep foreboding uneasiness.

Penned by My hand on the 6th of Tzarin, in the year 324 CE.