Tale of the Tae'dae Pilgrim

Date: 5/5/2012 at 19:24
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Tale of the Tae'dae Pilgrim

Late into spring, a portly tae'dae was found wandering through the
mountains, apparently lost in the environs. After several misguided
attempts to be led to Avechna's Peak, two citizens of Hallifax, Elleiya
Windwhisper and Tulemrah Shevat, responded to his plea for help.

Upon inquiry, it was revealed that the pilgrim was searching for the
cure to an insufferable ailment - the sounds of galloping hooves and
terrible visions had plagued the man's dreams for months. Far had he
traveled to seek the counsel of Hoopah Hopekeep, whose sleeping form
sparked envy and anguish within the fellow. The duo worked tirelessly to
complete the ritual, stopping only to reassure their anxious company of
its inevitable success.

The trio heeded conundrum and mystery as the Font of Lollabrilla bubbled
with prophecy. The prophesy proved to be mostly inexplicable, touching
upon the shredding of time and the dangers of paradox in times to come.
However, one statement provided the solution to the tae'dae's
predicament. "...embrace the warmth of the Deepden to calm the tides of

Hoopah reacted to hearing of the place, so long had it been since she
seen her Aunt Looela. She informed the adventurers of the location of
the Deepden to the direct north, among hills beneath the mountain. After
some searching, the trio found the Deepden and its primary inhabitant,
Looela Hopekeep. With a rush of the relief, the pilgrim tae'dae thanked
his companions thoroughly, taking special effort to acknowledge the
trill's efforts in the ordeal. Soon after, the tae'dae steadied his mind
and fell quickly into a slumberous state.

Tulemrah and Elleiya turned their attention to wizened Looela, whose
diminished memory and strength led the caverns into neglect. After much
toil within the valley, the citizens returned to their city with many
unanswered questions revolving around a prophesy that left many troubled
and concerned.

Penned by My hand on the 4th of Avechary, in the year 324 CE.