The Turning of the Wheel of the Goloths

Date: 4/15/2012 at 22:58
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The Turning of the Wheel of the Goloths

Eyes all across the Basin turned upward near the beginning of Juliary,
322 C.E. as an ominous silver-blue energy flickered across the sky. The
bolts of energy met over the Southern Mountains, and the sky seemed to
buckle as images from throughout history flashed across the firmament.
The images cycled faster as the intensity of the energy increased,
culminating in a tremendous crack. The last image to be seen, that of
several elfen women running away from a forest under a roiling cloud,
flared into brilliant colour before disappearing, and a sense of
wrongness settled across the Basin of Life.

Sir Augent Ildaine was the first to arrive, although it wasn't long
before a crowd had gathered at the source of the Gloriana River. There,
they found a crackling silver-blue rift and an odd-looking device: the
Wheel of the Goloths. While all were puzzling over its meaning and
purpose, the five elfen women whose shapes had been writ large across
the heavens fell unceremoniously out of the rift in a heap.

After quickly righting herself, self-styled High Seer Helegena Greyshade
demanded to know where she was and how she and her fellow Seers of
Movran had been brought there. Mostly through her disbelieving
protestations and obvious confusion, she revealed that the Seers were
members of the Raven Circle charged with interpreting Raven's
prophecies. This small group had been fleeing for their lives.

Upon learning of the destruction of her home hundreds of years previous,
her grief quickly turned to ire. At first lashing out in rage at the
twisted mockery of what was once her home, she summoned silver birch
trees that attacked all those of the Glomdoring. In all the confusion,
few noticed as the cries of the harpies in Glomdoring fell unnaturally
silent. Meanwhile, members of the Glomdoring fought unflinchingly to
defend their forest from the onslaught. As both opinion and the tide of
the battle turned against the Seers, they came to believe that the
entire scenario was a prophecy from Raven; a test in which they must
show their loyalty to the Gloriana through willingness to perish for it.
Perish they did.

The temporal rift remained open, however, and the disturbing silver and
blue crackling continued. Only upon returning the Seers' large onyx
amulets to the rift did it seal itself.

As the rift closed, silver-blue energy arced into a nearby cave.
Anguished cries rang out from within and Jairkak Wyrmglow, a faeling
hermit, was discovered inside. Explaining that the temporal damage had
destroyed his plants, he nevertheless renewed his efforts towards his
life's work: spreading the Wyrd to the Gloriana River. With a new
approach inspired by the temporal activity, and underappreciated
assistance from many, including Relaren, Xynthin An'Ryshe and Sidd,
Jairkak successfully cultivated an enormous blossom. Growing at the
source of the Gloriana, it exuded a wyrden slime that flowed down the
river, coating everything. The ramifications of this change in the
landscape have yet to be seen, but the trout in the river are already

Thus did the sad tale of the deserting Seers of Movran reach its
conclusion. Or did it? The harpies' cries have returned to the
Glomdoring, and the sinister Wheel of the Goloths has settled at the
bottom of the Inner Sea. Still, a feeling of unease lingers across the

Penned by My hand on the 3rd of Shanthin, in the year 322 CE.