Aslaran Memories

Date: 2/19/2012 at 22:10
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Aslaran Memories

Towards the end of Dioni, the voice of Ciarrus, leader of the aslarans,
was suddenly heard raised in a shout across the Basin of Life,
entreating the mystic Bheion to help someone, a person he wished to join
his tribe. Of those drawn to the commotion, only the newly-raised
Xynthin, Solanis, and Raeri stayed to listen to the unfolding situation.

The person Ciarrus had in mind was Bahna Fleetpaw, the addled former
resident of the Kryden Valik, who wandered to the Greymoors many years
ago after a head injury stole her memories and her mind. Something in
the red-furred aslaran spoke to Ciarrus, and he sensed that she had much
to offer, if only she were well. Bheion was skeptical of the chances of
curing her, and confessed to not knowing a method.

The five discussed options together, and finally it was Xynthin who
suggested the healers of the Caoimhe Dell. Bheion accompanied the three
heroes as they journeyed to this place, their differences set aside for
the moment. Radella Airmid was glad to speak to Bheion and his
companions, but she questioned their mission. Was this what Bahna
desired, or was the poor aslaran happy to remain ignorant of all that
she had forgotten? For healing the woman's mind was unlikely to return
her memories, and their lack would be a very painful wound. Reassured by
promises that they would ask Bahna her preference, Radella revealed that
with a focus the mending might be possible.

Together the group headed to Bahna's homeland to find some focal point
upon which to base their healing. They entered the Kryden Valik,
although Xynthin found himself exceedingly unwelcome, and approached
Feyahi Stoneclaw. She was able to direct them to Bahna's only child, a
young man by the of Marro. When the group approached him with news of
his mother, however, he reacted with great hostility. He claimed that
his mother had to be dead, for she had promised not to leave him in
life. As Solanis and Xynthin attempted to explain, Marro grew more and
more agitated, at last proclaiming that "If she is alive, she is no
mother of mine!" He then threw to the ground a chitin carving and
stalked away.

Bheion took possession of this item, and pronounced it a possible focus
for the healing of Bahna. The group returned to her, and Bheion sent
Xynthing and Solanis to gather the varying essence of their homelands,
while Raeri fetched a vial of restoration. The carving was infused with
these things and given to Bahna, and amazingly, her mind was restored.

Not so her memories, however, and a great pain tore through Bahna as she
thought of the son she knew she had, but could remember so little about.
Steeling herself, she accepted Ciarrus's offer of joining the Pride of
Rashaala, and beckoned to her friends to join her in planning something
in order to show her gratitude.

Under Bahna's instruction, Xynthin, Solanis, and Raeri were able to
retrieve an hallucinogen from Ciarrus, and to uncover a strange plinth
hidden in the thorny maze near the aslaran camp. Partaking in the drug,
Bahna sensed a presence near, and Xynthin was the one who agreed to help
confront it. He was thrown surprisingly into the spirit realm, where he
rose to the taunts of an angry spirit and fought valiantly with him.
When Xynthin had proven himself worthy, the spirit offered to share his
story, and before all of those gathered the story of a group called the
Grey Wardens was revealed.

Penned by My hand on the 10th of Vestian, in the year 318 CE.